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Author Hazel Smith has penned a super awesome cozy mystery, ” Deadly Diva”. ‘I would give this book 100/100. Fun, thrill, unexpected twists and turns, complete suspense until the end in this book, reminds me of my favorite author, Agatha Christie. I salute Hazel for such a powerful writing. When I first read her book “The Mystery Maid”, ‘I fell in love with all the characters. Ivy Stone is now one of my favorite lady sleuths. Ivy, Moira, Elise and Mrs. Becker are awesome characters. You can’t help but fall in love with them, even though Mrs. Becker is a taskmaster.

Ivy Stone, a maid at Hotel La Fontaine, catches her colleague, Diana, eavesdropping outside the hotel owner’s office. Aspen Hoar, a famous actress, is asking Mr. Humphrey, the hotel owner, to evict Jackson Day, another popular Hollywood actor and her ex-husband, out of the hotel . But Mr. Humphrey refuses to accept her demands and a furious Aspen walks out with her lawyer, Harper Wilson, in tow, followed by Nikolas Dimitri, her bodyguard.

Her friend, Moira, asks Ivy’s help to deliver food to suite #310 which turns out to be the private suite of Aspen Hoar, Ivy’s surprised to find her look like Aisling, who’s her half-sister, and a frail, old lady, Agatha, a former actress herself. Aisling invites her to attend Agatha’s themed birthday party and a staged murder mystery, to celebrate the occasion. Suddenly, Aspen bursts into their room searching for Jackson, whom she was told, is attending the party. And then, everything goes as per the plan, Jackson makes his gala entry with a fake pistol. The lights go off with gun shots being heard.

Unfortunately, Aspen Hoar dies in the firing. Jackson Day is arrested on the suspicion of murder. But his pistol is just a prop, so he couldn’t have killed her. Since people were already blocking the entrance, the killer couldn’t have entered or exited through the room.
But how was the murder committed? Ivy thinks Jackson is being framed for the murder but who is it and why?

Amidst the turn of events, another guest turns up at the hotel and Moira is scared out of her wits. Ivy is surprised to find Moira’s reaction to the entry of Finnegan ‘o’ Neill who’s flirting with Elise at the front desk. All the three friends are joined by a new member, Kat from the maintenance department, as they discover startling revelations on all the characters.

The list of suspects grow and there’s another twist in the tale with the murder of another suspect. Who died and why? Your nerves will tingle with excitement and thrill as Ivy and her friends are determined to catch a wily, scheming killer, before there could be more murder victims. This book will be available on Amazon on December 17, 2022. Grab your copy at the earliest. Trust me. This is an excellent deal.

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  1. Wow! Wow! Wow! Great book review! Sounds interesting, with murdered…
    Dear Aparna thank’s for share. Have a lovely day full of blessings and happiness!
    Enjoy your coffee!


  2. Thank you so much, dear Kym. πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️. I appreciate your kind words of encouragement and appreciation. Lots of love to you. Have a wonderful day.

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