Author Rosie A.Point deserves a standing ovation for her fantastic work, Murder Over Easy, which is a delicious cozy mystery. She’s brilliant and I have already read several of her books. What I love the most about Rosie is that her books are crisp, keep the readers completely engrossed with never a dull moment. It’s actually impossible to give up reading even for a moment. Having said that, this book is a 100% complete entertainer with suspense, fun, humor, adventure, some fabulous and unexpected twists, all in the perfect proportion, making it a perfect cozy mystery.

Sunny Charles gets invited by her Aunt Rita to stay with her at Parfait, Florida. However, she’s surprised to find a feral cat hissing at her from the front of her aunt’s doorsteps. She is dismayed to find that her aunt is nowhere in sight and discovers the key to her aunt’s house to let herself in. She’s shocked to find a letter stating that her Aunt Rita is on a vacation and that she has to manage her Aunt’s cafe, Sunny Side up. Before she could settle in, Nick Talbot, her Aunt’s chef and neighbor, arrives to take her to the cafe so that she could take up her temporary managerial position. She quickly befriends Nick and Didi, the server.

A group of young women enter the cafe. Didi introduces them as Trisha Williams and her friends. Trisha is a social media influencer and a Food Vlogger who rubs the people the wrong way. Sunny prepares her order and serves it to Trisha, who after eating some spoonfuls, topples over and dies. Sunny calls the police and Detective Garcia takes over the investigation. Sunny’s reputation is at stake as Chef Nick is taken for questioning and she wants to help him out. But circumstances change and she starts suspecting Nick. The matters become worse when Nick’s wife, Jasmine, is found attacked and The police suspect Sunny.

Can she clear her name and also prove Nick’s innocence before it’s too late or there’s another murder? There are plenty of suspects with great motives and the story does absolute justice since the pendulum of suspicion keeps oscillating between different characters and there are some startling revelations as well. ‘I guess ‘I am going to add Rosie as one of my favorite authors as well. Deliciously yummy cozy mystery for your eyes.

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