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The mysterious woman, claiming to be Amit’s wife, said, ” My name is Archana Khandve. I think I am Amit’s third wife, if I am not mistaken. He was a perfect scoundrel and a womanizer. Right now, you are not in a position to learn about his real character. ‘I would advise you to go home and relax. Here’s my business card. I own a boutique called Apsara Fashion House. Call me whenever you think you are ready to find out what kind of character Amit was! ” Radhika accepted the card and almost fainted when Archana caught hold of her and led her to a nearby cafe.

Radhika was still reeling under the shock of discovering Amit’s betrayal. She took a sip of coffee and said, ” Archana, I am feeling a bit better. Why don’t you tell me about Amit’s hidden secrets? It’s better to hear the bad news altogether rather than hearing it in instalments.” Archana replied, ” Well, if you are sure, you can handle it, I will tell you what I know. I met Amit three years ago at my cousin’s wedding in Bandra. He was the groom’s best friend. My cousin, Sumitra, introduced him to me. She always loved to play a matchmaker. I was already 27 and single. She was determined to get me married to her husband’s bestie. Amit was a smooth talker and started off with a lie. He said that he had lost his wife in a road accident. ‘I extended my sympathy and it went on to become friendship and blossomed into love. Our parents had approved our marriage. By December 2019, we were married. We had a blissful marriage until our first marriage anniversary. And then, I had a shock of my life when I came home early one day and witnessed the most gruesome sight that made me run for my life.” Radhika’s heart beat faster as Archana shared her ordeal. She gasped at the right places. To make the matters worse, she pulled out some snaps and a diary from her handbag.

As soon as Radhika found out Amit’s real character, she lost her consciousness. Meanwhile, Neeraj paced restlessly, praying for his mother’s safe return. She had been gone for two hours and didn’t call him back. Then, he received a call on his mobile from the City Hospital. A lady called Archana informed him that his mother, Radhika fell unconscious, after the traumatic experience of handling Amit’s death and his shady character. Neeraj had saved his pocket money which he carried in his wallet. As soon as he heard the news, he dashed off to the hospital. He met Archana in the reception who guided him to his mother. Radhika was still unconscious.

Archana patted Neeraj on his shoulders and said, ” Neeraj, I am sorry to have caused you so much trouble. I advised your mother to take it slowly and we could discuss Amit’s reality some other time. She didn’t listen to me and insisted on my telling her everything. Then, I did as she asked me and here she is. This is too much to fathom even for an ordinary guy. I don’t know how to say this but your mother just had a miscarriage. Here are the culprits.” She handed him the diary and the photos. Neeraj said, ” No problem, Aunty. Thank you so much for helping mom. I will take care of her now. You must be having your own commitments.” Archana thanked him and left the hospital. A nurse entered Radhika’s room to check her pulse and asked Neeraj to buy medicines. After completing the necessary formalities, Neeraj waited outside his mother’s room. He picked up the snaps and had a glance. He threw away the pics with his hand clasped over his mouth. He went to the toilet and started retching. He came back after washing his face and gargling.

He still couldn’t believe what he had seen. Amit and his friends were raping a girl in a pic and in the subsequent snaps, they had killed her and started feasting on her corpse. Omg! Amit was a Sadist cum psycho as well as a cannibal. He thanked his stars for wishing Amit’s death. Otherwise, his mom would have been dead. Neeraj went to buy Pepsi from the cafeteria and downed it .

The pics had scared him so much that he was afraid to know what kind of horrors lay hidden in the diary. But a question intrigued him, Who killed Amit and why?

Amit’s murderer was busy partying with his friends. He said, ” Let’s celebrate the death of a monster. If my plan is successful, I would be inheriting his wealth and insurance money. We can settle his loans and also take over his unfinished task.” One of the guys asked him, “Why did you kill him? You could have extorted more money and threatened to go to the police. It’s like killing the goose that gave you golden eggs.” The mysterious murderer said, ” Pal, you don’t know that Amit was planning to deviate from the original plan. All of us have been together in this dirty scheme of exploiting gullible women, satiate our lust, relieve them of their jewelry and money, get rid of them and feast on fried humans. He wanted to quit our ” Hail the Satan Group” to settle with that Radhika woman. Well, ‘I checked out her pic. She’s gorgeous. Shall we make a move on her? ” The other friends weren’t interested. One of them said, ” Leave her alone. It’s like incriminating ourselves, if we try to feast on her because she was supposed to get hitched to Amit.” The murderer was in a jubilant mood, so he agreed with him.

Neeraj had no idea what to do next. He wished he had brought his special notebook. He chided himself for being a Scarecrow and decided to take a look. He opened the diary and turned a page to start reading the entry. The first entry was recorded in January 2019 and it shook Neeraj to the core. His eyes widened in horror as he read one of the most despicable acts ever committed in the history of crimes. What was it? What scared Neeraj out of his wits? Watch out for the next thrilling episode.

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  1. Thank you so much, Akka. ♥️♥️♥️♥️😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰. ‘I appreciate your kind words.

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  2. Wait, Amit’s murderer was busy partying with his friends? Whoa! And what was one of the most despicable acts ever committed in the history of crimes that scared the crap out of Neeraj? Guess we will just have to wait and see huh? What imagination and suspense Aparna! Glad I am not reading this at night! 😱 LOL 😂😝🤣 Hugs and smooches my friend. 😍💖🥰

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