Book review.

Purrfect Saint by Nic Saint is an amazing, hilarious, fun filled, cozy mystery. ‘I loved the concept of three ladies of the family being able to talk to and understand the language of their cats. The cats are the talented sidekicks of Odelia Poole, the reporter at the Hampton Cove Gazette, and her police detective boyfriend, Chase Kingsley.

Vesta Muffin is the fiesty maternal grandma of Odelia. The latter’s mother, Marge Poole, is a librarian and her father, Tex Poole, is the doctor at the quaint town of Hampton Cove. Max is the chubby and intelligent cat belonging to Odelia. Her Grandma Vesta has Dooley, a sweet, naive cat and Max’s best friend, whereas Harriet is Marge’s Persian cat, while Brutus belongs to Chase, the detective. Odelia’s uncle, Alec, is the Police Chief. The USP of this series is the ability of Odelia, Vesta and Marge’s talent in understanding the feline language. ‘I love Vesta after Odelia. Her dialogues are so hilarious and witty that you can’t help but fall in love with her character. Now that we are familiar with the characters, let’s get to the summary.

Odelia’s grandma, Vesta, has come up with a new shenanigan. She’s busy recruiting candidates for a new religious cult called The Soul Science, headed by Master Omar and his feline, Master Sharif. Harriet, the Persian Cat who’s Brutus’ girlfriend and Max’s friend, is also seeking out other felines to join it. Meanwhile, Odelia’s father, Tex is frustrated as the new resident of the town, Jaqlyn Jones, is giving him a stiff competition after taking over many of his patients.

Problems crop up for Tex as Jacqlyn’s dead body is discovered by Odelia in Tex’s car, as she goes to fetch her father’s medical kit at the party hosted by Jacqlyn and his wife, Francine. Turns out that Jacqlyn was having an extramarital affair. Could his mistress have killed him? Or Is Tex really guilty of carrying out his threat? Watch out for Odelia’s amazing sleuthing skills, ably assisted by Max, Dooley, Harriet and Brutus.

This series has got me completely hooked because of the fun and humor content inspite of involving the crimes like murders. Believe it or not, so far, ‘I have read 24 books of this series.

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4 thoughts on “PURRFECT SAINT

  1. Your review indeed sounds funny and interesting, especially about Vesta Muffin, that feisty maternal grandma of Odelia. Vesta Muffin sounds like the type of grandmother I can hang out with. Thanks so much for sharing your review Aparna! 🤗🌟🤩💖😍


  2. Thank you so much, dear Elvira. ‘I am so happy to know that you liked it. Have a wonderful day. ♥️♥️♥️😊😊😊


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