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Social stigma attached to HIV / AIDS. 

The most malignant disease prevalent in the Human Society, 
Is not cancer, or AIDS but cheap human mentality. 
A person infected with HIV ( AIDS) deserves to be treated with love, respect, and care. 
Because life for him or her, has been really unfair. 

AIDS is just a disease, there's no need to shun. 
Or make the patient's life miserable by denying him the rights to have fun. 
A patient of AIDS isn't an untouchable. 
Anyone could be its next victim, it's probable. 

Why is there a social stigma attached to AIDS? 
What about those shameless people who face Income Tax raids? 
Why aren't people ashamed of taking or offering bribes? 
Or the politicians discriminating  the citizens on the basis of religions, castes and tribes? 

Why is an HIV patient considered an outcast? 
How long will this tyrannical attitude and ignorance last? 
We aren't ashamed of telling lies or boast. 
But why do we despise the victims of AIDS the most? 

No one in this world is disease free. 
Some have physical ailments while some are afflicted mentally. 
We are constantly living under the threat of some or other kind of virus. 
The world is meant for everyone and not just us. 

Avoid corrupt people like plague. 
They are not to be believed. Their statements are a bunch of lies and vague. 
Jealousy is the worst form of human acidity. 
Allowing it to thrive is an act of stupidity. 

Anger and hatred are like cancers, they spread everywhere and damage humanity. 
Wipe them out before they develop into insanity. 
Our vices are our real enemies and a major cause of concern. 
Let's show kindness and compassion to the patients of AIDS and in the process learn. 

That love and friendship have no bar. 
Discrimination is too far. 
To prove we care for each other. 
We are the children of the same mother          

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13 thoughts on “POETIC THURSDAYS (53)

  1. Wow! Wow! Wow! Wonderful poem, powerful and honest! Dear Aparna you are a very wise woman. Great share. Thank’s! Havea lovely day full of blesings and happiness!


  2. When I was a teen, in the late 80s, I wanted to volunteer in my local hospital’s AIDS wing. My parents wouldn’t let me. One of my friends from that time latet died from AIDS complicated pneumonia. Noone actually dies of AIDS. It’s always something else your imnune system can’t fight due to AIDS.


  3. I couldn’t agree more. I had a childhood friend commit suicide because he didn’t want to face the stigma around AIDS. It’s horrible how we treat people in the world. Kindness is the only way forward.


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