Book review

The Piper Sandstone Savory mysteries by Karen McSpade is a wonderful collection of cosy mysteries. The story contains humour, enjoyment, excitement, suspense, and an astounding, unexpected twist that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. I love Karen’s brilliant concept to divide a story into numerous books so that readers would be eager to find out what happens next.

While hiding in Savory, Alabama, Chicago  Police investigator Piper Sandstone is about to set out  on her most perilous operation yet. Piper is compelled to pose as a waitress at a nearby café in order to go undercover after some shady detectives put a price on her  head. 

But when a dognapping and a murder rock the  neighbourhood, Piper finds herself  embroiled in the investigation. 
Now, if she wants to survive and return home,  she must conceal her special abilities and  keep a low profile. There’s another murder in the cafe where Piper had served food as a waitress, Sharon, to the deceased. Sounds thrilling, right? It is, indeed, and hats off to Karen for writing a perfect cozy mystery. Will Piper be able to clear her name with the help of the Delta Queens, better referred to as the Dentures and Diamonds Crime Squad, or will she end up in a prison, losing her job? ‘I highly recommend it for reading.
All the ladies ( Dentures and Diamonds Crime Squad) are adorable. ‘I especially loved Margie and Rosie. If I were to be a cop, I would definitely like to be Piper.

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