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I would love to share some very funny responses to the questions asked by an individual to another. These are the translations from a Tamil Comedy Drama featuring Shekhar .

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An irate father accosts his jobless son and asks:

” How long can a man live without using his brain? ”

His son replies, ” Don’t know, dad. What’s your age? ”

His father complains to an astrologer about his son’s failure to stick to a job . The son says that his employer wanted to give his job to a close relative and so he tested him with the following questions :

Q.1 Name any 8 wild animals.

Ans. 5 lions and 3 tigers.

Q.2 How will you divide 4 apples between 5 people?

Ans. Give them a glass of juice each.


The astrologer says, ” It seems you are weak in Mathematics.”

The son, ” I am not weak in Maths. I failed in every subject except Maths in my Tenth Grade exams.”

The astrologer, ” How much did you score in Maths?”

The son, ” I was absent in that examination.”

Here’s a funny dialogue between a doctor and a patient.

Patient: Doctor, I want to live for hundred years. What should I do?

Doctor: What’s your age?

Patient: I am Thirty.

Doctor : This means you have to live for another 70 years. By the way, do you drink, smoke, party or hang out with girls?

Patient: No.

Doctor : Then why the hell do you need 100 years to live?


Dialogue between a hero and a heroine

Heroine: I love you.

Hero: I don’t. In fact, I am scared of proposing to any girl after the incident with my friend.

Heroine : What happened to him?

Hero : Once he said, ” I love you” to his crush. She threw a flower at him and he got his arm broken.

Heroine: How can a flower break his arm?

Hero : She threw it along with the flower pot.


These are some questions asked in the examination to which these geniuses presented their creativity.

Q.1 Who was Akbar? How did he die?

Ans. Akbar was his father’s son. He died when his death came.

Q.2. a) Who built Qutub Minar?

Ans. Qutb-ud- din

b) Who built Taj Mahal?

Ans. Taj- ud-din.


That’s all, I remember for now. I hope you liked it. Here are some more intelligent answers.



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