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Father David regained his composure after his initial shock on seeing Meenal entering the cafe. He urged Vijay to duck down quickly under the table to pretend searching for the wallet. Meanwhile, he took out the mask and covered his mouth. Fortunately, Meenal’s friend dragged her to a table farther away from where David and Vijay couldn’t be spotted.

” Phew!,”sighed Father David, ” That was too close. Thank you, Lord Almighty, for saving our skins. ” He asked Vijay to get up and resume his seat. They swapped the mobiles, had coffee with breakfast and went their respective way. Father David went home, offered his prayers and sought forgiven from Jesus for he was about to put an act of showing allegiance to the Devil. It was the only way to gain the Devil’s trust and then chant the prayers to send him back to the Forest of Darkness.

He said, ” Forgive me, My Lord! I have to pretend forsaking you which I will never do as long as I live. But the poor girl is in the spiritual world needs to be rescued at the earliest or she could end up like her sister. Please give me the strength to save an innocent girl’s life. Amen! ” He closed his eyes and meditated for sometime.

In the spiritual realm, Dipak’s spirit saw Meenal and was so scared that he was about to turn away. ” Wait, Dipak,” cried Meenal, ” What are you doing here? ” Dipak was too stunned to speak but the fury of getting murdered by Meenal ( the Devil) got the better of him and he lashed out ” You are the reason I am here. Don’t try to feign innocence. I did your bidding but you killed me after I served your purpose.” Meenal understood what happened and she tried to convince him that it wasn’t her but The Devil who possessed her body. Dipak looked at her incredulously, ” Do you expect me to believe your bunch of lies? ” They were arguing when Vidya joined them. Dipak was shocked to see her. Vidya said, ” I know you had a crush on me. But I couldn’t reciprocate your love because you were my junior and it’s against the societal norms. Meenal is innocent. Just hear me once.” She explained everything, including how the Devil tricked her into death and trapped her sister here. Dipak apologized to Meenal and said, ” I am sorry, Meenal. I committed heinous crimes and I am sure I would rot in hell but I am going to pray for your return to the human world. Until then I am not going anywhere.” He sat down on the scattered leaves and started praying. Some angels were approaching him to take him for the Judgement Day but a voice from the Heaven spoke, ” He’s repenting for his actions and is trying to help Meenal go back to her world. Don’t disturb him. ” Dipak’s action moved Meenal and she too prayed for him to go to Heaven.

It was getting dark. Father David stripped off his Priestly Garments and wore a modern attire of jeans and T-shirt. He left behind the Holy Cross and went to Meenal’s house. It was a quarter to twelve, when Meenal ( the Devil) stepped out. David followed her to the graveyard. Meenal stopped abruptly and turned to face him. ” What do you want?, “she yelled at him, ” Don’t you ever learn a lesson?”
David took her by surprise as he bowed down to her and said, ” Please let me join you and be your follower. I have been true to my faith, yet I got punished for a crime I didn’t commit. I promise to get you more followers.”

Meenal laughed at him and said, ” You call yourself a priest? How can I believe you? When you have abandoned your God for testing You, what’s the guarantee that you will be loyal to me? ” David answered, ” A priest will never tell a lie. You have to take my word for that.” Meenal decided to test him and said, ” Can you offer me your blood for the initiation process? ” David searched for a sharp object and picked up a stone to scratch his wrist. Meenal was impressed and delighted. ” Come with me,” she said, ” Let me introduce you to my followers and then I will assign you a task.” She introduced him to the people gathered around them and said, ” David, your first task is to bring Yasmin to me. I need her blood to increase my power.” David said, ” Don’t worry, My Lord. I will hand over Yasmin to you.”

In the spiritual world, Dipak and Meenal earnestly prayed for each other. Pleased with their devotion, God appeared in front of them and said, ” Open your eyes, my children. I am pleased with your devotion. Ask for anything.” Meenal was the first and she said, “My Lord! Dipak might have sinned when he was alive but he met with a painful death. Please let that be a punishment for him and kindly forgive him by granting him access to Heaven.” God smiled and said, “Excellent, my child. You could have asked for your own welfare but chose to get a boon for him. Your wish is granted. Dipak will go to heaven.” He turned to face Dipak and asked, ” Now that you are going to heaven, what’s your wish? ” Dipak replied, ” Oh, Lord of the Universe, please help Meenal by sending her back to where she actually belongs and protect her family from the Devil.” God replied, ” So be it. Meenal, you are going back to your world by tomorrow. Just be a good human and serve your parents.You will get Eternal bliss.”

A white light shone upon Dipak and he bade farewell to Meenal. Vidya hugged her sister and said, ” It’s time for me to move on permanently, dear Sis. I will miss you. Just remember what God said and convey love to Mom and Dad.” Meenal couldn’t stop crying as she saw her sister finally going back to Heaven. She was all alone and waiting for her turn to be freed from the place.

The next day, Father David called Yasmin and explained his plan to her. She gave her consent immediately and later that night, accompanied Father David to the graveyard.

Meenal was pleased to see them. She hugged Yasmin and said, ” My dear girl! I am so glad to see you. I needed a small favor from you.” Yasmin replied, ” Name it and consider it done.” Meenal gave her an evil grin, ” I need your life and blood. I will spare you the pain if you end your life.” Yasmin nodded and picked up the butcher’s knife. In the meantime, David took out the devil phone and started chanting his prayers. Meenal felt her body trembling and she was shocked to see Father David showing her the Holy Cross and the old mobile. ” You traitor! ” she cried, ” You deceived me. I am going to kill you.” She rushed towards him but thrown back by an invisible force. The devil was forced to leave Meenal’s body and enter the Forest of Darkness while the real Meenal was flying away to freedom. Within a few minutes, the Devil went back to his realm, while Meenal’s soul re-entered her body. She fluttered her eyes open and was delighted to find herself back to the earth. ” I am alive,” she grinned at her best friend, Yasmin and hugged her.

” How are you, dear Meenal? ” asked Father David with a smile. Yasmin said, ” Meenal, you have to thank Father David for saving your life. The Devil was creating chaos and mercilessly killing people while possessing your body.” Meenal’s eyes swelled with tears of gratitude, ” How can I ever repay your kindness, Father? Thank you so much for saving me and my family. I learned a very big lesson. Never get attracted by a fanciful object and avoid being selfish.” Father David said, ” It’s God’s wish that you were saved. It’s good to know that you learned your lesson the hard way. It’s not too late. Look after your parents and never hurt anyone, physically or verbally. ” He patted her head and asked the girls to wait for him. He had a final task to complete. He destroyed the mobile into several pieces and buried them. He placed the Holy Cross on the spot to prevent any possibility of the Devil to escape.

He rejoined the girls to drop them off at Meenal’s house. He convinced Meenal’s parents that their beloved daughter was back. He had tears in his eyes as he watched a happy family reunion. Meenal and her parents thanked him and Yasmin for their great help. They also decided to visit the Church regularly where Father David was the priest.

The End.


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