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Mrs. Gupta and Akshar screamed in terror when the stranger fired at the ropes from which the two were hanging. The screen blacked out, and they couldn’t guess whether Navin and Vikram were dead or alive. They hugged each other and wept bitterly over the loss of Mr. Gupta. The Guptas’ daughter Pooja and her husband, Shyaam, joined them. Poor Akshar! He didn’t know that his parents, too, had ended their lives after watching a shameful clip from his past.

Navin and Vikram grinned at each other as they walked towards the stranger. The stranger had led the lion into another cage by offering a piece of fresh meat. When it was safely locked, the stranger smiled at Navin and Vikram. He said, ” Well done, champs! That was true professional acting. No one can guess that you are lookalikes. In fact, you are more authentic than the original fools. Here’s your reward. ” He handed both of them two wads of cash each. Navin and Vikram’s body doubles knew enough not to ask probing questions because the stranger was a deranged psychopath. They didn’t want to end up dead. The stranger said, ” Here are your tickets to France. Your flights are scheduled for tomorrow morning. Make sure to leave this country. If I find you roaming around the streets of New Delhi, I will make sure to feed you to the lion, just as I did to Navin and Vikram. The meat I served to the lion just now was Vikram’s mutilated body. The lion has already feasted upon Navin. ” Both the guys were horrified and wanted to puke desperately. They were so scared that they took to their heels. The stranger called for one of his henchmen to follow them and see that they fled India.

The stranger thought of a punishment for Akshar. He posted the video clips of Akshar molesting young girls and masturbating on the social media. The result was spontaneous. People were baying for his blood. Calling him an animal with no morality or self-control. He went to the room where he had imprisoned Mrs. Gupta and Akshar. He said, ” Your punishment is over. Since Mr. Gupta’s body has started decomposing, You can take him home for performing his last rites. Let Akshar do the honors.” Mrs. Gupta yelled, ” What happened to my son, Navin and his friend, Vikram? “

The stranger said, ” I have sent him abroad on a secret mission. He will be back in a month or so.” Mrs. Gupta screamed, ” I am not going anywhere without my son.” The stranger replied, ” Alright, then join your son and husband.” He shot her dead with his pistol which was now aimed at Akshar. He spoke in a menacing tone, ” You can choose to live or die along with this disgusting family.” Akshar was eyeing his way to escape. The stranger opened the door and let him go. He knew that Akshar was walking right into his doom. The moment he stepped out, he dialled the police. Much to his bad luck, Inspector Krishan answered his call. Akshar stammered, ” P….. Please help me, sir. I am Akshar Sharma. I have just been freed by a kidnapper who’s also responsible for four murders.” Inspector Krishan replied, ” Hellooo.. I am not able to hear you. Please call again.” The call got disconnected, much to his chagrin. As if that wasn’t enough. Some passersby recognized him and a crowd gathered around him. ” Beat this rascal,” yelled one of the men. Akshar pleaded, ” But what did I do?” A guy showed him the disgusting video clip that was making waves all over the city. Enraged by his molestation of a young girl, the public lynched him to death. The stranger smiled at the success of his plan. He asked his goons to vacate the area after disposing the corpses of Mr. and Mrs. Gupta in an incinerator.

SI Sudhakar knew that Inspector Krishan was upto something. He waited until the inspector left his seat and contacted the private detective he had hired for trailing the inspector. The mobile kept ringing but no one picked up the call. Now, Sudhakar was worried. Did Inspector Krishan know that he was being followed? Why wasn’t the detective picking up his call? ” Are you searching for PI Vivan? “asked Inspector Krishan with the PI Vivan following him with a grin.

SI Sudhakar was astonished. He tried to come up with a lie but it backfired. Inspector Krishan smiled, ” Well, Sudhakar! Congratulations for being a straightforward, honest police officer who abides by the law. I know you think that I am behind the spate of abductions and murders. You decided to investigate me. What can I say? I am very disappointed in you. You should have mustered courage to question me directly rather than having me followed. You betrayed my trust, Sudhakar. I want you to see something before you pass any comment or report me to the Superintendent of Police.”

SI Sudhakar meekly followed Krishan as he knew that his days were numbered. He was about to be martyred in the line of duty. He didn’t realize that PI Vivan was Inspector Krishan’s younger brother. Vivan, Krishan and Sudhakar entered into the projector room.
Sudhakar waited patiently until Krishan started playing the clip. Sudhakar’s eyes widened in shock and horror to watch one of the most heinous crimes being committed. He couldn’t watch the video anymore.
“Please stop it, Sir, ” he pleaded, ” I can’t watch it anymore. I promise I won’t report your activities to the SP.” The inspector sneered at him, ” I didn’t know you were such a weakling. Bravery and determination is a must for any good cop. I don’t care whether you report me or not. But I am afraid you are going to be my guest until my mission to eradicate public nuisance is accomplished. PI Vivan blindfolded him and tied his hands. He forced him inside the car and drove away.

What was the scary video seen by SI Sudhakar? What’s the mission of Inspector Krishan and PI Vivan? Are there going to be more dead bodies? Why is the stranger behaving like a murderous psychopath? Watch out for the next episode for a stunning revelation.

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5 thoughts on “SHORT STORIES FRIDAYS (49)

  1. Wow! Amazing story! Horrible person molestng young girls… Death people, secret mission…
    Interesting, well donne! Thank’s for share. Have a lovely day full of blessings and happiness!


  2. Thank you so much, dear Dawn. I appreciate your kind words. ♥️♥️♥️😊😊😊😊

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  3. Thank you so much, dear. ♥️♥️♥️🥰🥰🥰🌹🌹🌹. I feel highly motivated by your kind words.

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