Meenal ( the devil) wanted to take over the soul of Vijay ( real Meenal’s dad). Meanwhile, in the spiritual realm, real Meenal couldn’t shake off the feeling that something ominous was about to happen. It was her intuition warning her of the impending danger. She started praying fervently.

Later that night, Meenal ( devil) stealthily crept towards Vijay’s room. When she opened the room, she couldn’t step in. The moment, she tried to put her foot forward, she felt a burning sensation in her ankle. She gave up after trying several times. Instead of going home, she went to a graveyard where some men and women were waiting for her. She smiled at her followers.

” Good evening, my faithful servants,” she crooned, ” I have some tasks for you. You are supposed to create a mayhem that even local police will fail to handle. I want to hear the sweet sound of cries, despair, and helplessness that would force people to give up their belief in God. They should be desperate enough to trade their soul in exchange for the solution to their problems. Hold rallies and convince them to accept me as their leader. I will grant their wishes but take them to hell to spend rest of their lives.”

Her followers included a gang of goons who bashed up Vijay and her college mates. A young man called Dipak said, ” Don’t worry, Ma’am. Consider your work done. This inhuman society has treated us like a piece of garbage. It’s time for seeking revenge. But what about my reward?” Dipak was a drug addict cum alcoholic. He was also a womanizer. Meenal had used her charm to win him over. She had promised to sleep with him in exchange for his services. Meenal winked at him and said, ” Wait. Finish your task first. I will grant your wish shortly.”

The gathering dispersed and Meenal was back home. In the other world, Vidya watched her sister in a deep meditation. She was about to approach her when one of the guardian angels stopped her. She said ” Let her continue to pray. She saved your father’s life with her prayers. The danger lurking around your family is not over yet. The battle has just begun between God and the Devil. It’s not just your family but the entire city is under a great threat.” Vidya was astonished to hear this.

Dipak was true to his words. He and his friends created a ruckus in college. He morphed the pictures of girls, posting them over internet, creating suspicion and leading to breakups between romantic young couples. Meenal watched him handing over a pamphlet to a troubled lover to solve his problems. In the following weeks, there was a spike in the number of suicides, rapes, murders, acid throwing incidents, arson and vandalism.

Vijay recovered within a week and was discharged from the hospital. He and his wife were afraid of Meenal. They avoided confronting her and just seemed to satisfy her every wish. They were a pure vegetarian family but forced to make chicken, mutton and beef for Meenal.

Vijay observed his daughter. She would venture out of the house at an untimely hour and would be back only by the dawn. He decided to follow her. He almost had a panic attack when he saw her shaking hands with strange men. One of the men, Dipak, had dropped his trousers with the hope of having sex with her. Vijay couldn’t believe his eyes that his daughter was going astray. Meenal came to Dipak and gave him a peck on the cheek. Vijay closed his eyes. He couldn’t see his daughter in such a disgraceful position. He almost started to turn around and walk off when he heard an early piercing scream. He hid behind a tree and watched Dipak begging for mercy. Meenal had burned his privates with a pair of hot iron tongs. Meenal said, ” You have committed a sin. Lust is a sin. You must pay a price for it.” She killed him and ordered her followers to throw the body in the campfire. Dipak’s body was burned to ash. Vijay couldn’t take it anymore. He overheard her conversation.

She seemed to be bragging about her accomplishments. She said, ” My faithful servants, be careful with what you ask for as a reward. Serving me is a great privilege given to you. Dipak’s death should be a lesson to all. He demanded more than he deserved. How dare he try to sleep with me, The Devil? A filthy human can never besmirch me with his dirty hands and legs. What to speak of my Glory? I hate to share the body of this arrogant girl, Meenal. But my mission is more important than her disgusting body. Her elder sister, Vidya, was very stupid to take part in the ouija board and released me from the netherworld. I took over her body, causing the car crash which killed her. Unfortunately, I got trapped in a useless cellphone because her fellow passenger started chanting God’s name. Poor foolish Meenal. She was an easy bait for me. I caused the trouble in her college and gained her trust by advising to stay at home. She believed my every word. I helped her to get rid of her cheating boyfriend and his family. But then she panicked. It was too late for her. I sent her soul to the forest of darkness and took her place instead.”

Vijay nearly fainted. He thought there was something wrong with her behavior. He was too shocked and numb with fear after realizing that his daughter’s body was possessed by the Devil himself. He started walking slowly and swore not to utter a single word to his wife. She was fragile and might even die if he told her about Meenal’s true identity.

The next day, Meenal went to college with her friends and came back in the evening. She stopped outside her house. Something was definitely wrong. She could sense it. She had experienced the same kind of feeling when she went to the hospital to kill Vijay. She heard people laughing. Instead of approaching the house directly, she went towards the back of the house. She had a nasty shock when she saw the visitor with her friend, Yasmin, sitting in the kitchen, having a cup of tea with her parents.

She could feel her skin prickling, a tiny wave of heat rushing through her veins. She had goosebumps and the usually confident, Devil, was properly alarmed. Who was the mysterious visitor? Will Meenal return to her original body? Watch out for the next episode for a shocking surprise.

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