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Navin’s parents went home with a heavy heart but a bit relaxed after learning that their son was safe and free. Inspector Krishan was busy poring over other files while SI Sudhakar Sharma looked at him disdainfully. The SI was a honest, law abiding officer. He failed to understand why Krishan let the rapist go scot free. He thought, “I would have been happy if he killed the psycho in an encounter. He’s not even worried about the blatant lie fed to Mr. and Mrs. Gupta.”

Krishan looked up and saw the SI staring at him. SI Sudhakar smiled sheepishly at him after having been caught staring by the Inspector. Krishan grinned back, ” If I am not mistaken, I thought you were staring at me. Is there anything on my face that you find amusing?” SI stuttered, ” N…. No, No sir. I was just thinking about the case. That’s all.” Krishan replied, ” You must believe me that letting Navin go was a ploy to have him killed in an encounter. Our friends in the Connaught Place jurisdiction must have done him in, by now.”

SI Sudhakar was relieved to know that a potential serial rapist was dead. The Guptas wished to hear their son’s voice at least once a month to be assured of his well being. But the Inspector had convinced them that it was for the safety of their son, that he wouldn’t contact them.

A couple of days later, Navin’s best friend Akshar paid a visit to The Guptas. Mrs. Uma Gupta, Navin’s mom, offered him a cup of tea and said, ” Thank you so much, beta (son) for bailing out Navin. My Navin is innocent. That girl, Rohini Khanna, wilfully framed him for a crime he didn’t commit. Now, he’s hiding like a criminal. His career as a doctor has gone down the drain.” Akshar nearly dropped the tea cup and replied, ” What are you talking about, Aunty? I never posted bail for Navin. I was out of town for a week. I couldn’t attend his wedding. So, I came to visit him and Bhabhi ( sister-in-law). Why was he arrested in the first place? ” Uma burst into tears and told him everything that had taken place on an unfortunate day. Alia’s suicide, Rohini’s rape charge and Navin getting the bail but didn’t come home. Aksar smelled something fishy. He contacted all the friends in the group. Each one of them denied having bailed Navin out.

Akshar said, ” The Inspector lied to you and uncle. Why don’t you call uncle? We will march into the Inderpuri Police Station to seek an explanation from the Inspector. ” While they were discussing their plan, someone else had been eavesdropping on their conversation.

Just as the Guptas with Akshar were about to step out, a stranger in black greeted them with a smile and said, ” Navin’s my new friend. In fact, he was my doctor. When I heard that he was arrested, I rushed to get him out on bail. Right now, he’s staying with me. Why don’t you all come with me and spend few days with him? ” Akshar and
the Guptas were relieved to know that Navin was safe. They believed him and were about to get into the car when the stranger advised them to leave behind a note for others that the family was on a vacation and would come back shortly. Mr. Abhinav Gupta, Navin’s dad, wrote a note and pasted it on the gate where everyone could see. The stranger made them sit in the luxurious BMW and took off. And that was the last time anyone saw the Guptas and Akshar or heard from them!

A week later, Akshar Sharma’s parents barged into the police station to file a missing person report that was circulated among the other police station. Inspector Krishan Saxena got the circular too. He passed it on to the SI. The SI said, ” Sir, I think there’s something fishy about the way the Guptas and Akshar vanished from the Gupta residency. I don’t think Navin was killed in an encounter. The whole family might have been kidnapped. Let’s check them out.” Krishan wasn’t too excited but decided to play along and went with SI and a few men to the Gupta residency. They saw the notice on the gate. Krishan said, ” See, it’s a waste of time. They are on a vacation. Probably, Akshar too joined the Guptas to give them company. They will be back in a week or so.”

The missing person case was closed.
After a month, Akshar’s parents started raising hue and cry over their missing son. They took to media and started badmouthing the local police until a new video went viral. It was so shocking and shameful that Akshar’s parents ended their lives by consuming poison. What was so horrifying in the video that made them to resort to such an extreme step?

A week after the Sharmas died, another guy from Navin’s gang went missing. Vikram Tejwani, was a bigger womanizer than Navin. He was also a doctor by profession and made quite a decent living. Besides, he was way too handsome and vain. He thought he could have any woman that he desired.

It was late Saturday evening when Vikram closed his private clinic and started his car towards home. On the way, it started raining heavily and a hot, sexy, hitchhiker showed him the signal to stop. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. She was wearing a white transparent Salwaar Kameez that accentuated her body shape. Vikram eyed her with great lust. He made her sit on the passenger seat in the front beside him and started driving. They started chatting until Vikram diverted his car towards a secluded spot. The girl was scared. She said, ” What the hell are you doing? I want to go home right now. ” Vikram sneered at her, ” Do you think I am crazy to let you go? Why don’t we make each other warm?” He started unbuttoning his shirt while she shrieked for help. A sleek, black BMW screeched to halt beside them. The stranger approached them as Vikram cursed his luck. ” Any problem, dear sister? “asked the stranger. The girl stepped out of the car and ran away without turning her back. The stranger sneered at Vikram and removed the disguise as Vikram screamed in horror. ” No, ” he pleaded, ” Please let me go. I promise not to reveal your identity to anyone.” Vikram got a whack on his head and the stranger dragged him towards his car. He pushed him on the backseat and drove away. What happened to the Guptas, Akshar, Navin and Vikram?

Are they alive or dead? If they are dead, where are their bodies? Watch out for one of the most baffling cases where there’s not even a single clue.

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