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The editor of the travel magazine ‘Around the world’ Shilpa Mehra was going through an interesting article. The article was about the mysterious Bermuda Triangle. It described the disappearances of planes and ships near the coast. She wanted to discover the mystery behind their disappearance. She knew that none of her staff was ready to undertake such a daunting task. She was a brave woman who didn’t mind taking a risk in her life.

She switched off her laptop and proceeded towards the coffee vending machine. She took a sip of a strong and sugarless coffee.

One of her writers knocked at her cabin door. It was Tejas. He came in to submit his article on the North-Eastern states. He had spent two weeks visiting the hilly region and exploring tribal areas. He addressed her,” Madam, I have completed my feature writing on Assam and other North Eastern states. I need your feedback on the write-up.” “Thanks, Tejas,” said Shilpa with a smile. She asked him,” Are you ready for an adventure?”

Tejas was surprised by her question. He replied,” Sure. Where do you want me to go?”

She replied,” Bermuda Triangle.” ” What?” he thundered,” Have you lost your mind? Do you realise the risk involved? What if I don’t come back?” She laughed at his cowardice. She answered,” Do you still believe in that crap? The so-called mysterious disappearance of ships and planes are a thing of past. There is no conclusive evidence of any paranormal activity or supernatural element. I just checked Wikipedia. There is no mystery involved. You will be surprised to know that ships and planes daily pass through the region. It is quite safe. The readers will be interested in finding out the truth about the Bermuda Triangle.” Tejas was intrigued. His eyes sparkled in excitement. He said,” I am ready for the trip. It seems to be a fascinating journey. When do I leave?” Shilpa replied,” Correction. We are leaving next week. I can’t miss this trip at any cost.”

Tejas smiled at her and said,” I am at your service, madam. What about our ten-year-old son Varun?” They were husband and wife working for the same publication. Shilpa commented,” We have to leave him with Maa and Paa. He can’t miss school. His half yearly exams are scheduled to begin next week. Sweetheart, why don’t you book tickets for us? I will make a reservation at the hotel.” Tejas saluted her and said,” I am looking forward to our second honeymoon.” Shilpa grinned at him as he left her cabin. She sighed as she thought of her married life. She had married her college mate Tejas Mehra twelve years ago. They went to Symbiosis College for Mass Communication and Journalism in Pune. She never lost contact with Tejas even after their graduation. She got a job as a journalist for a local newspaper. Her editorial columns got rave reviews.

Tejas meanwhile had shifted to Mumbai. He joined as a reporter in The City Times. He got promoted as a senior reporter and then as an editor. Shilpa often met him when she came to Mumbai. Their friendship blossomed into love. Their parents consented to their marriage. They got married within a year of their courtship. Their jobs kept them so busy that they could barely see each other. He never wanted her to quit her job. They had parental pressure from both the ends for a grandson or a granddaughter. Luckily, Shilpa’s company had closed down due to heavy losses. She decided to concentrate on her family. Tejas was over the moon when he learned about her pregnancy. She delivered a baby boy after nine months. She spent her time looking after her family. She continued submitting articles to various magazines when the baby slept. Tejas was proud of his wife. He assisted her in her household chores. His parents doted upon their favourite daughter-in-law. She was lucky to have a loving family that always encouraged her.

Her family supported her in starting up her travel magazine. Its readership soared within a couple of years. She set up her own office in Andheri. Tejas declined to be an editor. He insisted that Shilpa should take over the mantle as an editor. Their magazine had just entered the seventh year of publication.

Shilpa came out of her reverie as she started reading Tejas’ article. A small card fell out of the paper. She picked it up and smiled. It said,” I love you. From your poor husband.” She laughed and replied,” I love you too.”

Tejas was hopelessly romantic.

Later that evening Varun threw tantrums. He shouted at his parents. ” Why do you want to leave me behind? I want to come with you.”

Shilpa assured him that they would be going to Europe for the summer vacation. Varun hugged her and planted a big kiss on her cheek. She was pleased and kissed him in return. She prepared a special dinner for the family. They had almond kheer for dessert.

Tejas had booked flight tickets to Miami (US) on the following day. They were going to spend a couple of days in Miami before leaving for Bermuda. Shilpa called her younger sister Nina who lived in Miami. She informed her about their upcoming trip. Nina was thrilled to hear about their trip to the Bermuda triangle. She promised to make arrangements for their comfortable stay. Shilpa booked a room for them in Grotto Bay Beach Resort and Spa near the Bermuda Triangle.

The day of their departure arrived. They landed at Miami International airport. Nina and her husband Mohit Kumar received them. They went to their beautiful villa with sprawling lawns and a marble fountain.

Mohit said,” Welcome to our humble residence. Hope you like it. Enjoy your well-deserved vacation. Nina was telling me that you are planning to go to the Bermuda Triangle. Please take my suggestion and don’t go there.”

Tejas assured him,” Do not worry, Mohit. Shilpa did thorough research before taking up this journey. We will be in touch with you. We will call you after reaching our destination.” Mohit tried to convince Tejas and Shilpa to give up their journey. They had a friendly banter with him. Mohit gave up and raised his hands in defeat. Nina walked in with a tray of teacups. They chatted merrily forgetting the controversial topic. Tejas and Shilpa freshened up. Nina and Mohit showed them around their house. Later, they went to the beach for relaxation. Mohit and Nina went surfing. Tejas and Shilpa were mere spectators. They spent their next few days shopping and sightseeing.

Shilpa and Tejas took leave from the couple and resumed their journey. They opted for a cruise to the Bermuda Triangle. They left for the harbour in a taxi. They did not realise that someone was following them. They were enjoying the scenic beauty of the ocean. They sat on the deck sipping their evening tea.

“Let’s dance,” said Tejas. He held her hand and slid his hand around her waist. They kissed passionately after dancing for some time. They broke up to breathe freely. ” Wow,” said Shilpa,” You still manage to sweep me off my feet.” Their cruise ship was nearing the Bermuda Triangle. A thick fog enveloped the ship. Someone hit them on their head. They instantly blacked out. When they opened their eyes, they were tied up in a chair. They were blindfolded and gagged.

“Welcome to my paradise,” said a familiar voice with an unpleasant chuckle. He came near them and opened their eyes. They were stunned to find Mohit standing in front of them. He was holding a gun. He laughed like a maniac. He said,” You didn’t expect to find me here. I told you repeatedly to stay away from the Bermuda Triangle. You were stubborn.

You will have to pay the price of your disobedience.” Shilpa was restless. Mohit removed her gag and said,” I know you want to ask questions. Ask them right away.” Shilpa hit out at him,” You are a despicable skunk! Why do you want to kill us? We came here to explore the island.” Mohit answered,” I did not want anyone to discover this place. I have been working here for the past six years.” He stepped aside, and a giant TV screen appeared before them. He switched on the TV.

Shilpa and Tejas were horrified to find scientists working in the lab. Mohit wore a smug expression on his face. He said,” I have hired them from various countries. They are working on producing the deadliest nuclear and chemical weapons for me. May your souls rest in peace.” He raised the gun to pull the trigger. A bullet suddenly grazed through his hand to disarm him. Nina barged in with state troopers to take him into custody. She explained how she had overheard her husband hatching conspiracy against them. She also saw him spill oil in front of Shilpa’s room. She had sought the help of the police. She had kept a tracking device inside his shirt pocket as advised by the police.

They followed him using the GPS. Mohit glared at them as the police handcuffed him. They led him away with his gang members. The scientists heaved a sigh of relief after being rescued.

Nina hugged Shilpa and Tejas. They decided to have a grand picnic on the island. They ventured out to explore the island. They were impressed by the beautiful island. ” So,” said Tejas,” We are still alive in the Bermuda Triangle.”

Shilpa told them that the unpredictable weather conditions destroyed the ships and the planes. She said,” The Gulf stream washed away the debris. I got this information from the Wikipedia and Google.” They spent the rest of their day in chatting eating and drinking.

Shilpa and Tejas returned to India after fifteen days. They had enjoyed their adventure in the mysterious Bermuda Triangle. What a trip they had!

Their article on the Bermuda Triangle made the magazine sell like hot cakes.

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  1. Thank you so much, dear Dawn, for encouraging and motivating me with your sweet words. πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š


  2. What an interesting and unpredictable ending to a story about the Bermuda Triangle. Great job Aparna! 😎✨😍 I wasn’t expecting that one! LOL 😜


  3. Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Dear Aparna, wonderful story! I love it! You are an amazing writer!
    Love the end of the story! Thank’s for share. Have a lovely time full of love, hugs, smiles, fun, coffee, cakes, relaxing time and happiness!

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  4. Thank you so much, dear Elvira. 😊😊😊😘😘😘πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°. I am so glad you liked it. Lots of love, hugs, coffees, cakes, smiles, fun, music, joy, all the happiness and a fantastic weekendπŸ•πŸ πŸŽ‰.


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  6. You are welcome, dear Aparna.
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