Book review

Wands In a lifetime.
This is an adorable series. I thoroughly enjoyed reading all the books in the set. What fascinated me the most was Emma Hart’s ability to see the ghost and her funny banter with her familiar, an owl. She’s brilliant, has a great sense of humor and brave enough to fight for her friends’ sake. This is one of the best paranormal cozies I have ever read.

Book one

Curse the Day

Emma Hart is a public interest lawyer, on her way to meet a client, when she stops on her way after finding someone trying to end his life by jumping off the cliff. She rushes to his aid and tries to distract him while her car rolls over to knock her down. The man, in fact, is an angel and returns the favor by taking off in the air, carrying her to safety. She learns that his name is Daniel and that he is a fallen angel. She wants to leave the place but shocked to find that she can’t step out. Daniel takes her into the town of Spellbound, where the residents are all super naturals. As per the norms, she visits Mayor Knightsbridge and the Town Council members to decide her fate. Maeve, the banshee tells her that the town is cursed by an enchantress that no supernatural living in the town would be able to step out of the boundary, because the townsfolk had refused to give her shelter during a storm. It’s now that she learns that she’s a witch.

She learns that a prominent citizen cum public defender Gareth the vampire was found murdered. The case is being investigated by a centaur, Sheriff Hugo, a dimwitted detective, who hates hard work. Since the Mayor learns that she’s a lawyer, she’s asked to handle Gareth’s client, Mumford, the goblin’s case as the public defender and is given his house.She gets an owl, Sedgwick, for a familiar and also has to handle Gareth’s cat, Magpie.

Her new client, Mumford has been accused of stealing precious stones from Deacon’s Stones. Deacon , the dwarf is the proprietor. Besides, she has to undergo the basic witch training at Arabella St. Simon Academy for Witches which she calls the Ass Academy. She gets three new friends, Begonia, Sophie, and Millie. Her neighbors, The Minors, are harpies.

She gets down to business and starts investigating both the death of Gareth and Mumford’s involvement in the robbery case. The book has everything, fun, flirting, twists and and an unexpected turn that makes it very thrilling and Emma also has two handsome men vying for her attention, Demetrius, the werewolf and Daniel, the angel.

Book 2

Doom and Broom.

Emma is still a novice at the witch training and is scared of flying the broom. The professor, Holmes, is very kind and patient with her. She’s paired with Begonia for a broom ride and there’s a mishap due to her fear of heights. Begonia takes her to Mix-n-Match, a potion shop run by Paisley, the fairy to get an anti-anxiety potion where they meet, Jemima, a nasty witch. Emma then stops by the flower shop of Sybil, the ash tree nymph, who tells her about the recently discovered dead body of Jolene, the werewolf. She learns that she was engaged to Alex, the alpha male of the werewolf pack. She visits Alex to offer her condolences where he welcomes her kind gesture but is snubbed by his mother, Lu Ann.

She notices Kayla, a young teenager, who was the cousin of the deceased. Kayla tells her that Daniel, the angel, often visited her house and now he is a prime suspect.

She has another client, Linsey, an eighteen-year-old, a berserker, pleading guilty to the act of vandalism, after she spray painted, the car of a pixie, Fern. Will she able to get her lighter sentence ? She also wants to protect Daniel from being framed for a murder, he didn’t commit. Will she choose Daniel or Demetrius? This is another fantastic read.

Book 3

Spell’s Bells

Gareth, the ghost vampire wants to be a poltergeist. So, Emma seeks the help of Maeve, who can see ghosts just like Emma. She suggests that he approach one of the Grey Sisters for help. The Grey sisters are three sisters sharing one eye and one tooth between them. Sedgwick, her owl, passes on a message that Sophie, her classmate and a great friend at the Ass Academy has been arrested by Sheriff Hugo for the suspected murder of Freddie the dwarf, who in reality, has been under the curse of Endless Sleep.

Besides, her other client, is Thom, a brownie and a carpenter, accused by his ex-girlfriend Lara of stealing five items from her house. Emma comes to the rescue of the innocents once again? Can she prove the innocence of Sophie and Thom ( both different cases)? Fascinated by all the books in the series.
I highly recommend it for reading for all the paranormal cozy mystery lovers.

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