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This is purely a fictional story because no one is this much stupid. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

Vedhika Aryan, a 19-year-old spoilt brat and the only daughter of Kanishk and Jaya Aryan, had no dearth of wealth. She had plenty of servants at her beck and call. So, the poor soul never knew how the kitchen looked like. She only concentrated on her makeup and shopping while her father paid an exorbitant sum only to make sure she got admission in the best college and gave her whatever she asked him. Unfortunately, she was a beauty without brain.

Once her cousin Samaira came to visit her for the holidays. She impressed Mr. and Mrs. Aryan with her exceptional cooking skills and showed them her business website and her YouTube channel having millions of subscribers. Vedhika’s parents wanted to inspire her to learn basic cooking skills and started citing Samaira’s example. Fed up with her parents’ badgering, Vedhika asked her Manservant, Binod, the way to the kitchen. He tried to suppress his giggle. Fancy, not knowing one’s own kitchen! He led her to the kitchen, wanting to watch her actions. Sara, the cook, was surprised to find her in the kitchen. She said, ” Ma’am! Did you need anything to eat? You could have sent for me. What can I do for you? “

Vedhika said, ” I want to learn how to cook. Let’s start from the basics. How do you boil water? ” Sara and Binod stifled their smiles with great difficulty. Sara picked up a small utensil and asked her to pour water in it. She said, ” Ma’am, you need to fill the vessel with water and keep it on the gas stove. As soon as you see the water boiling with bubbles, you can turn off the gas stove. ” Vedhika, the lazy idiot, opened the refrigerator took out a plastic water bottle and kept it on the vessel. She lit the gas stove. Sara burst out laughing, ” Oh no, this isn’t how its done, the plastic will melt due to the heat.” She removed the bottle and emptied the content in the vessel. Vedhika was a bit embarassed at her stupidity. But Sara took pity on her and encouraged her not to give up.

She returned to her room, thinking of starting her YouTube channel. She was scrolling through her mobile when she saw a writing contest offering a healthy reward of 25,000β‚Ή for a poem. She had never dabbled in poetry before. She immediately took out a pen and a paper and started scribbling :
No one can understand my pain!
My fat mom stepped on my toe again.
‘Go to the doctor’ screamed my brain.
I looked at my mom with disdain.

When I did Yoga, I tore my pants.
I changed into another pair, only to be bit by ants.
I leased my hair for the lice as tenants.
I have learned to tame my appetite giants.”

She finished writing and felt pleased with her work. She filled the online application form and typed her silly poem. She received the acknowledgement for her participation . The contest results would be declared the following month. Meanwhile, she kept practising boiling water. After a couple of days, she moved on to making tea. She referred to YouTube channel and was so immersed in watching the video that she left the kettle boiling until the water completely dried out and there was a burning smell. She grinned sheepishly at Sara, apologizing for ruining the kettle.

A couple of days later, she tried her luck with making rotis ( Indian flat bread). She watched YouTube to knead the dough using wheat flour. But the consistency wasn’t perfect. She had added two much water. She threw the liquid batter and tried again, adding water little by little. But her patience gave up. She suddenly had a brilliant idea. Since the dough was flaky, she poured half a bottle of Fevicol (glue) to make them sticky. She extricated her palms with great difficulty. She was unable to roll out the dough. She threw it away and again tried kneading the dough. Somehow, she succeeded this time and rolled out the dough into various shapes other than circle. The rotis were ready and she served it to her father who had great difficulty in tearing it and when he ate a piece, the roti tasted like the hide of a Buffalo. Both her parents wanted to appreciate her efforts but didn’t want to upset her. They diverted her attention by discussing her favorite topic, shopping while Binod quietly removed the stuff. Sara served the food while the family enjoyed a more satisfying meal.

A month passed and her parents begged her not to enter the kitchen. One day, she received an interesting email. The contest organizers had offered her 10,000β‚Ή as a special prize with a humble request to give up writing forever. But Vedhika is Vedhika. She won’t stop to get ahead of her cousin, Samaira.

Let’s see how she fares in her next undertaking.

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12 thoughts on “LAUGHTER TUESDAYS (29)

  1. So competitive! Great share as always, dear Aparna. Thank’s! A pleasure reading you.
    Have a lovely day full of love, hugs, smiles, fun, coffee, cakes, and things makes you happy!


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