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Today I am going to share my reviews on two ebooks by our fellow blogger, Ashish Kumar, better known as Shanky Salty. I read two of his books and both are fantastic.

Book review.

‘कौन है राम’ by Ashish Kumar is a heart touching, soul stirring book that evokes a feeling of devotion towards Lord Ram, self-assessment and how we can see God. He begins the book with a proper salutation to his deity Lord Ram and seeking His blessings. The author’s great devotion to Lord Ram moved me into tears. He beautifully describes the greatness of Lord Ram and explains His actions and Virtues. He yearns to see Lord Ram. Then, he points out the futility of searching for Him outside in Temples when He pervades all the living creatures. He is everywhere but we lack the foresight to see Him in His true form. Then, he presents various problems plaguing the human society and addresses them to Lord Ram. What I loved most about this book is he also pointed out the injustice meted out to Maata Sita. I enjoyed reading this book and it made me think twice about the universal truth in a beautiful language that represents the contradictory nature of the humans.

This a fascinating book of awesome quotes by Author Ashish Kumar. This book reflects his creative genius and great wisdom. The quotes are excellent and deal with various aspects of life. I,especially, loved the quotes on parents.

Well done, Ashish ( Shanky) ! Very proud of you and keep writing. You are very talented. I am amazed and very pleased with your devotion to Lord Ram. May He bless you with everything that’s good for you. You can also check out his wonderful blogs on

Thank you so much for taking your precious time to visit my website. Hope you enjoyed reading my blogs. 😊😊


4 thoughts on “AMAZING EBOOKs

  1. Wow! Dear Aparna, sounds amazing. Great review as always.
    Thank’s for share, friend. Have a wonderful day full of nice things, peaceful and relaxing time, love, hugs, smiles, coffee, happiness.

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  2. Thanks a ton aunty for this lovely & touching review 🥰😇
    And I’m very glad that you liked my both book✨🤗❤
    Thanks again aunty for your kind support 🙏😇

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