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Photo by Karolina Grabowska on
From the viewpoint of a tortured wife. 
You treated me like a doormat, yet, I never did complain. 
I have had enough, I won't tolerate it again. 
You think I am an idiot and yes, you are right. 
For having married a scumbag like you who wants to prove his might. 

I had to pay a heavy price for all my years of silence. 
Now I promise myself; I won't be a victim of domestic violence. 
I won't let you trample my feelings and treat me like a dirt. 
Don't test my patience or else you will get hurt. 

I pity you for you are nothing but an airhead. 
You think you are God, But you are a mere mortal instead. 
Why should always a wife make the compromise? 
Why don't you stop giving her unnecessary advice? 

Don't smile at anyone, Don't visit your maternal home. 
Your place is in the kitchen. Stop dreaming of going to Rome. 
You have crushed my self-esteem,  bullied me all my life. 
Why does a moron like you need to have a wife? 

Beware, o misogynist, I am no longer your slave. 
You are nothing but a coward, pretending to be brave. 
Treat me with respect for I am a human and not a sex toy.
Bronze can't become gold, it's just an alloy. 

From the viewpoint of a tortured husband. 

What did I do to deserve you in the first place? 
I was quite happy in my bachelor days. 
Your physical beauty was nothing but a trap. 
Without makeup, you are simply a crap. 

You did nothing all day but eat and sleep. 
I never realized a greedy woman living within you deep. 
Always tried to boss over me as if you were a queen. 
And wiped away my bank account completely clean. 

You made my life a miserable hell. 
How can I open my mouth? I am afraid to tell. 
A man is not supposed to cry to show his pain. 
And the society looks upon him with disdain. 

Any woman can file a false complaint of domestic violence. 
As the cruel society watches in silence. 
Why is her word believed? Is it simply because she's a woman? 
What happens to the real victim? A verbally and a mentally abused man. 

You forced me to stay away from my own mother. 
You forced me to buy expensive gifts for your greedy brother. 
Your family , your parents, and siblings.They are not my headache. 
Marrying a snake shifter like you is my greatest mistake. 

These kinds of incidents have forced me to lose respect for the institution of marriage.
The partners,  both man and woman, treating each other like garbage. 
Please listen to me and give up your pride. 
A word of advice for the groom and the bride. 

Treat each other with mutual respect and understanding. 
To make the marriage work in the long standing. 
Our children suffer because of our egos and vanity. 
Greed, jealousy, superiority complex represent insanity. 

Your life partner is your soulmate, treat him or her with love and care. 
Try spending time with each other, with joy and sorrows to share. 

I have composed this poem from the point of view of both the abused husband and the abused wife. Both my brother and myself have been subjected to heavy verbal and mental abuse by our respective partners to such an extent that we tried to end our lives, without even thinking twice, about our Mom who lives only for us. We do regret our action but our partners treated us like filth. Fortunately, my suffering ended after I was on my deathbed due to my husband’s frequent verbal attack. He was afraid of losing me and there was a complete transformation from a monster to a lovable husband. Now he helps me a lot and never raises his voice because I had threatened to leave him forever.

I sometimes feel that being single is much better than living in an abused marriage.

Thank you so much for taking your precious time to visit my website. Hope you enjoyed reading my blogs. 😊😊




  1. Oh dear Aparna, I am so sorry about the abuse tat you and your brother suffer.
    Thank’s God everything it’s gettinge better. Have a wonderful day, full of blessings, love, peace, hugs, smiles and coffee! See you later.

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  2. Thank you so much, dear Elvira. 😊😊😊. Wonderful friends like you, Kym and Cherie have helped me overcome my low self-esteem so much that I feel like a new person with more confidence. Your words of encouragement and support helped me to hone my writing skills. Thank you so much, dear. πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

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  3. You are welcome, dear Aparna.
    Kym and Cherie are amazing!
    Friends are for support each other.
    I am glad you are encouragement !
    Keep doing so well. Thank you!

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  4. I’m sorry that you had been through all that heinous experiences. Also, great job at penning down from both the male and the female perspective of domestic torture. Well done again, Aparna!πŸ‘β€

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  5. Thank you so much, dear 😊😊😊. This means so much to me. Enjoy your weekendπŸ•πŸ πŸŽ‰.

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