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If you are looking for a book that would keep you awake, make it hard to put down, get your adrenaline pumping with every page, and bring a smile on your face with pure humor, this series by Julie Mulhern, is the perfect book that I would suggest.

Oh My God! What a wonderful, exciting, super thrilling book it is! I have no words to praise Ms. Mulhern because this whole series is a complete entertainer. I would term it as a comical action thriller. What I loved most about the book is that the protagonist, Ms. Poppy Fields hates to be a damsel in distress and even manages to save the neck of her partners, Jake and Mark Stone. She finds herself in life threatening situations.


Poppy Fields is the only daughter of Hollywood Star, Chariss Carlton. She finds herself in a tight spot after her on and off boyfriend, Jake Smith, is found dead under mysterious circumstances ina hotel room. She calls 911 and the Investigating Officer Crane eyes her with suspicion.

Her friend, Andre DuChamp , has asked her to visit the opening of a new resort in Cabo, Mexico. Her mother’s best friend, James Ballester flies her to Mexico in his private plane. All the hell breaks loose when she sets foot in the resort. She happens to meet a charming man, Javier Diaz, but can’t shake off the feeling that something about him is quite sinister. Irene Vargas, a former co-star, of her mother, Chariss, introduces herself and her husband and asks about her mother. She mentions her grand daughter, Marta. Poppy attends a party that evening and feels someone following her on her way to her room.

Later that night, Poppy is shocked to find Marta pounding the door of her room, asking her to frisk away to The USA because her life is in danger from certain men. She receives a mysterious message asking her to go home immediately. Unfortunately, Poppy finds Marta dead before she could help her. Her friends, Andre and Mia, arrive at the resort, only to find her in great danger from unknown assailants. They make several attempts on her life before she’s finally kidnapped by a gang involved in drug cartel. I felt as if I was watching a James Bond movie, rather than a book. Wow! What a magnificent thriller!


Poppy Fields is visiting Paris with her mom, Chariss Carlton. She’s become a celebrity after her adventure in Mexico. She has now become a spy and is on a mission to dig the dirt on a wealthy banker, Ghislain Lambert.

The assassination bids on her life doubles. A new reign of terror attack unleashes in Paris including bomb blasts and gun firings. A new partner, Mark Stone, joins her as her bodyguard. Who’s behind these deadly attacks? What will be Poppy and Mark’s fate?

This book is even more thrilling than the first one. I had to stop myself from biting my nails.


Poppy Fields is attending her dear friend, Adele Coombs’ wedding with Carter Arnaut at New Orleans. They are sitting on the veranda at the Columns Hotel and enjoying each other’s company, when a car, Mercedes G-Wagon loses control and smashes into a light pole outside the hotel. A man whose face is covered in blood, staggers out of the crashed car with a pistol in his hand and three men step down from the Range Rover, firing ceaselessly, at him. Somehow, the injured man, escapes from the back, as claimed by an assailant. The men leave and the police and the paramedics arrive shortly. Poppy meets the Detective-in-Charge, René Langlois with a request to send her home with Adele to avoid getting spotted by the news reporters. Rene let’s them go after knowing that Adele is the daughter of the wealthy socialite, Pete. But Adele prefers accompanying the injured man to the hospital. So, Poppy decides to go home alone.

Her pet, Consuela, a Chihuahua, whom she rescued in Mexico, starts growling. A man, hidden in her car, takes her by surprise by pointing a pistol at her head. She plows her car into the parked police car. The mystery man gets down and starts firing at a cop but Poppy shoots him down. The injured cop saves Poppy from getting arrested for the murder citing that she had done it to save his life. Poppy has no idea on whom she had killed. The dead man is Vic Klein, a key member, of the deadly Sinoloan Drug cartel. Since she had already antagonized the sinister gang by causing its downfall, they will leave no stone unturned in hunting her down. Her partner, Mark joins her in this perilous journey, where the Tiger’s Eye club is bombed, and shooting spree takes place, not to mention kidnapping and cold blooded murder. Can Poppy save her and her partner’s skin? Catch this highly adventurous, super mysterious book at the earliest. Complete entertainment guaranteed.

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  1. Wow! Dear Aparna, very interesting review. Resort, cabos, Mexico, oh!
    Thank’s for share, my friend. Have a wonderful day! Have a nice day full or blessings, love, hugs and smiles! Keep well.

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