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Good morning friends,

Every Monday, I share my horrible experiences from my past so that no one commits the same mistakes that I did. However, I have decided to stop focussing on only tragic events. I have enjoyed my share of blissful life as well. I am to talk about my dreams. They are of all kinds, nightmares, embarrassing, thrilling, funny and emotional.

What’s your most memorable dream? It can be anything. I would love to hear from you.

My worst nightmare is running naked in the public. It was so embarrassing that I was almost too scared to sleep at night and sometimes, even now, I don’t enjoy going to sleep.

Most of my dreams involve traveling to exotic locations. I happen to miss my train or flight and catch the next alternative to reach my destination.

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I dreamt that I was traveling in a train that runs across a bridge over the Indian Ocean. Suddenly, the bridge collapsed and my train plunged into the ocean. Much to my delight, I was able to breathe underwater and swam out of the train compartment to explore when a shark came out of nowhere and snapped its jaw on my face and thud! I fell off my bed. Sounds like a fantasy novel, right? Believe it or not but most of my dreams look like a part of an adventure novel or a romantic book. Perhaps, it’s because I have been reading too many books.

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There was another one in which I was a college student once again and failed to submit my assignment on time. My lecturer scolded me for my lethargic attitude and I begged her to give me a chance. She failed me in the semester. Thank Goodness! It was only a dream.

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Then, I found myself as a part of the CID ( Crime Investigation Department) team investigating the case of an escaped convict, who was a psycho-serial killer with the ability to disguise as anyone. It turned out that my boss, The Assistant Commissioner of Police, was actually the killer in disguise. He had kidnapped my original boss to seek revenge on me for having sent him to the prison.

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My sweet grandma who would never even hurt a fly or a mosquito had an evil twin in another dream of mine. The evil twin kidnapped me and tortured me to hand over the secret recipe book of my adorable granny.

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The funniest dream I ever had was:

I had turned into a witch and cursed my former bullies at school to have pimples, warts and zits all over their faces as a punishment for making fun of me .

Last but not the least, my most favorite dream was that I was on a date with my crush, the Bollywood Hunk, Hrithik Roshan on a trip to London for breakfast. I had boarded the flight and sat next to him, chatting happily and before I could see London in my dreams, my stupid eyes opened to bring me back to reality.

That’s all for now, folks. Do feel free to share your dreams .

Thank you so much for taking your precious time to visit my website. Hope you enjoyed reading my blogs. 😊😊


8 thoughts on “MONDAY BLUES (12)

  1. Wow! Dear Aparna, how many interesting things. Well, I didn’t Know Roshan, but, he is gorgeous, OMG! Can I have a breakfast with him too? Lol. I have to many dreams, choose one it’s so difficult. I want to travel for all the world, writting and taking a lot of photos.
    Thank’s for share, have a lovely Monday!

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  2. Girl Aparna, you have some rather action-packed dreams that sound like episodes of a television series! LOL 🤣😜😂 The one that cracked me up was:

    “I had turned into a witch and cursed my former bullies at school to have pimples, warts and zits all over their faces as a punishment for making fun of me.” 😱

    I have dreams that I log in to my journal, but nothing quite as adventurous as yours! Keep dreaming girlfriend. 🥱💤😴

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  3. Thank you so much, dear Kym. 😊😊😊. As I said, it’s the side effect of reading too many books but I prefer having these kinds of entertaining dreams than about my old office or school. 😀😀

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  4. What an amazing impact of something so adventurous as exploring the mind of a book and letting that adventure manifest itself into something creatively exciting within you. Beautiful Aparna! 🤗💖😘🦋😊

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