Book Review.

Author A.A.Albright brings a new lease of life to the paranormal cozy mysteries. I have read about the witches but never came across witch hunters. This is a remarkable series and I thoroughly enjoyed reading all the books in it.

The Case of the Wayward Witch (Book one) .

Katy Kramer is the adorable protagonist who’s supposed to be a witch hunter.Her father, Henry, Uncle Faster, and Aunt Jude have all been witch hunters. According to her Uncle Faster, all the witches must be hunted down and sent to the Dimension of the Damned with the help of the binder and the toolkit. But Katy has a different opinion.

Katy happens to discover Aunt Jude’s Toolkit and is able to decipher the hidden message on the knife, which no one except a supernatural or a witch hunter can see, while helping her injured Uncle Faster to set his things in order. He sends her to Peter Mud, his friend, to train her to become a witch hunter.

He tells her about the involvement of a young witch, Diane Carey in breaking her uncle’s legs and a suspect in the mysterious deaths of men who are involved with her. She had been staying with Nedina, aka, Ned the necromancer in Samhain street, Dublin.

Katy goes undercover as a private investigator and helps Nedina, who prefers being called Ned, to find out her lost boyfriend, Guillermo, who had been cheating on her. She’s surprised to find the talking cat, Cleo, and a talking dog, Hamish, who was in fact a brilliant wizard. He had been cursed to become a dog by an evil wizard. Even Hamish was in love with the elusive Diane. Katy and Ned join her friends, Jonathan and Donal in the Bank ( an eatery) where Cullen Keats is a bartender cum server. Suddenly, Donal chokes on his food and dies and the Wayfarers ( Police of the supernaturals) are called in. There’s another body discovered by Katy during her investigation. The deceased is Bradley Oster – Antiquarian and Hatter. The body count is rising. Is Diane Carey the real culprit or is someone trying to frame her? There are so many twists and turns to keep you glued to the book. The Wayfarers Or the Police team consisting of Chief, Finn Plimpton, Wanda Wayfair, and Todge are awesome additions to the story. Definitely a must read.

The Case of the Haunted House (Book 2)

Katy is continuing as a PI, living with Ned, Cleo and Hamish. She learns about Ned’s sister Angelica and her awesome cafe, Angel Cakes in The Strange Lane. Meanwhile, Ned asks Katy to spy on Angela and find out the Decree of the Deceased to revive her dead mother, killed by a witch hunter.

Katy is also asked to investigate the haunted House of Debbie McGinty, who claims that her dead husband Jim is haunting her and forcing her to bring him back to life. Ned, Cullen, Cleo, and Hamish join her in this task. There are some very interesting and awesome twists and turns that adds to the thrill. There’s another body, a new adorable character and discover Katy’s amazing rising powers.

The Case of the Listening Library (Book 3)

Katy has started Studying wizardry at Wentforth’s college where Hamish was once a professor. Besides training with Peter, she’s also working with the Wayfarers to solve puzzling criminal cases. She’s bullied by Seth, a mean wizard and his friends but she never shies away from giving a fitting reply. Her magical intuition lead her to the forbidden room in the library from where a foul stench is emanating. Libra, the robot, forbids her from opening the room because of an order by Professor Fesorus Waisel. Katy convinces Libra to call The Wayfarers. Officers Plimpton and Wanda arrive and find the dead body of Monty Marlebone, a master wizard of Ancient Wizarding Studies.

On the other hand, Katy shares Ned’s suspicion that her angelic sister, Angela and her friends are hatching some conspiracy which she’s trying to figure out but two more murders in the college forces her to focus her attention on nabbing the murderer in the college. Something fishy is going on. Can Katy work a miracle with Hamish and solve this highly dangerous case? Read this book to find out Hamish’s dark secret and find out what happens to the gorgeous Katy in their mind-boggling adventure.

This is a wonderful series. I have added one more author to my list of the favorite authors.

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  1. 😊😊😊. Some of the dialogues are so hilarious in this book that you can’t help laughing. The concept is very beautiful. We should not judge anyone merely on the basis of their appearance and profession. Do read this one when you find time. 😊😊😊

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  2. Thank you so much, dear Luisa. β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️🌹🌹. I appreciate your kind words.

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  3. Wow! Wonderful reviews! Looks an excellent suggestion for enjoy reading.
    Thank’s for share, dear Aparna. Great work! Have a lovely time!
    Keep well.


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