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It’s another weekend. Hope you are all having fun. Today I am going to discuss about the books I enjoyed reading and recommend them because of the novelty in their story plots and the element of pure enjoyment.


Mysteries of Max by Nic Saint.

Wow! Incredible! Adorable! Cute! And very interesting, and a unique series! This features the four cat detectives, Max, Dooley, Brutus and Harriet who help Odelia Poole, a news reporter, in the small town of Hamilton Cove to investigate crimes and nab the culprits. The beauty of this series is Odelia, her mother Marge, and grandma Vesta Muffin’s ability to talk to the cats and understand their conversation. This proves handy to solve the complicated cases where the four cats talk to the pets of the deceased to find clues vital for an arrest. Fiesty Vesta is always doing something crazy to irritate her son-in-law, Ted. This makes the series very funny, especially when the cats talk amongst themselves and share their knowledge of the human world. It’s completely different from the regular mysteries. You would love reading all the books in this series.


Reunion and Revenge -The Mystery Sisters – Karen Musser Nortman.

Maxine Berra and Lillian Garrett, are the sisters, in their seventies, who enjoy traveling by Max’s 1950 Studebaker with their Irish Setter, Rosie. Maxine is more adventurous of the two and is mischievous. Lillian is gentle and tries avoiding a risk but when her siblings are in danger, she also comes forward to protect them. It’s amazing to see Max and Lil trying to solve a murder case which comes along their way. In this book, they are attending a family reunion when their brother is accused of a murder he didn’t commit. They are determined to prove his innocence and put on their thinking caps. The concept of senior citizens playing amateur sleuths is so fascinating. Very beautiful cozy mystery series.


The case of Tiffany’s Epiphany by Jim Stevens

The Richard Sherlock whodunit series is the funniest, most hilarious, and highly entertaining mystery series. Every book in this series is overloaded with pure humor arising out of fumbled detection by Richard Sherlock and his assistant, Tiffany but finally gets the correct solution, though accidentally. The highlight of the series is Tiffany’s crooning ” Oh, Mr.Sherlock'” and the way he reacts to her call. This case is about his assistant , Tiffany Richmond, consuming a spiked drink in a pub, leading to the discovery of multiple crimes, like murder, drug peddling, money laundering etc. This is very thrilling and also laced with humor. Awesome series! This is also a mood booster. You can’t help being cheerful after reading a book like this.


Annabelle Archer collection by Laura Durham

This is one of the most wonderful, hilarious, brilliant mysteries collection. Annabelle Archer has earned a reputation as Washington DC’s premier wedding planner until a string of murders hits her business real hard. She jumps into investigation, of course. I am madly in love with this series because of the tremendous twists and turns and so much humor that I had laughed uncontrollably until I finished reading the last book of this box set. Too good to be missed. If you are upset or anxious, start reading this book and find a drastic change in your mood. A great stress buster.


The Mission Inn-possible cozy mysteries by Rosie A Point.

Charlotte Mission and her hi-tech equipped grandma Georgina Mission, both worked as a spy for NSIB, National Security Intelligence Bureau. Charlotte goes undercover as a maid cum assistant in her grandma’s Gossip Inn and befriends Chef Lauren with whom she shares awesome, exciting adventures until her elusive rogue ex-husband, Kyle Turner is captured. What I loved the most about this series is the deadly combination of being a cozy mystery with a fusion of a spy thriller. Georgina is a fiesty old woman and an adorable ex-spy who never shies away from taking the danger heads on. I love her using the hi-tech spy gadgets while trying to solve a mystery with Charlotte.


Homeswapper Mysteries by Adriana Licio

Two friends, Etta and Dora, along with their canine companion Leon, plan to enjoy their vacation in Europe, traveling on their yolk yellow Fiat 500 by joining an international homeswappers’ circle. This is a refreshing, unique concept that I loved reading about. During their travel adventures, they stumble upon dead bodies and prove their mettle as amateur sleuths by solving the cases. This series is full of excitement, fun, thrill and suspense. You will also get the feel of visiting Europe. This is one of my favorite cozy mysteries. Adriana Licio is the amazing author of this fantastic series.


Rachel Prince Cruise ship mysteries by Dawn Brookes

Rachel Prince joins her best friend, Sara, who works as a cruise ship nurse, for her first voyage after getting dumped by her fiance. She comes across many dangers while on the cruise and faces, hitmen, murderers, and other criminals. There’s humor, fun, plenty of twists and turns, romance, and a great adventure on each voyage. This series is a must read if you are fond of traveling and looking forward for a mystery to solve.


Lexi Baker Cozy mysteries by Leighann Dobbs.

Lexi Baker has opened her dream bakery and settled into her grandma’s residence with her pet dog, Sprinkles. She’s considered a prime suspect in the death of her ex-boyfriend because her cupcakes are found shoved in his mouth, by the hunky neighbor detective Jack Perillo. Lexi gets down to solve the case and clear her name. This series is humorous, cute, and very hard to put down even for a moment. She also solves cases where she stumbles upon dead bodies.


Apple Orchard Mysteries series by Chelsea Thomas

Again, an amazing, awesome, very entertaining cozy mystery series that would captivate your heart. It’s absolute fun, despite the murders being involved. Chelsea, her Aunt May, and their friend, Miss Teeny, solve the puzzling murder cases .


Vanilla Vengeance ( A small town cupcake cozy mystery)by Molly Maple.

Charlotte McKay moves to the the cozy town of Sweetwater Falls, to take care of her elderly eccentric aunt, Winnie. However, she stumbles upon a dead body and fears she might be a suspect. The whole series by Molly Maple makes a very delightful, highly enjoyable and an entertaining read. Especially, when Charlotte falls in love with the handsome Deputy Sheriff, she is an accident waiting to happen. It was so cute, that I actually read this book twice for the cuteness overloaded.

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