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There goes my money down the drain. 
Quality shampoos went in vain. 
To stop my hair from leaving me again. 
How shall I express my pain? 
My curly hair has been a pain in the back. 
The more I would try to straighten it, the more I would crack. 
To tame the wild mane on my head with a hairbrush and give it a smack. 
It consumed plenty of hair oil as a snack. 
I searched for a hair salon for a new hairstyle.
 I couldn't find one trustworthy for many a mile.
Worrying over hair loss made me forget to smile.
I wish this problem could stop for a while
This could be my worst nightmare. 
A bald head in front of a mirror to stare. 
What would I not do to get back my lost hair? 
I promise I would continue to take care. 
And try not to worry too much to avoid greying of hair. 
Make sure the head is free from lice and dandruff scare. 
Hair loss and Greying! What a fantastic pair! 
Hair problem for all is totally unfair. 

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12 thoughts on “HAIR PROBLEM

  1. Thank you so much, dear. Would love to try your suggestions. Have a wonderful day too! Keep smiling and always rocking with your awesome stories. 😊😊


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