Book review

This is an amazing book. It turned out to be quite an awesome thriller and I kept on turning pages, anticipating what would happen next. A brilliant concept and a novel idea. Kudos to Author Sara Rosett for coming up with such a wonderful, exciting thriller with plenty of twists and turns and a climax that would completely knock you off.

Kate Sharp works as a location scout for Ellise who produces TV documentary series. Her boyfriend, Alex, is expecting his kid sister, Grace, on a vacation, and introduces her to Kate. Initially, Grace is a bit cold towards Kate and the latter doesn’t want to create a rift between the siblings.

It’s precisely at this moment that her boss, Ellise, asks her to visit a Regency themed English House Party hosted by Lady Beatrice and Sir Harold Stone at Parkview Hall, a stately mansion. Meanwhile, Beatrice also seeks her help to find out who has been sending hate mails to her and Harold.

Kate mingles with the guests and keeps an eye on the staff working in the Parkview Hall, where the party is being hosted because Beatrice fears that hatemonger must be one of the staff members who clicked controversial pictures. She meets, Beth, the bride, and her friends, Amanda and Torrie Peters, Simon Page and his wife, Audrey, the rich business tycoon, Toby and Monique Clay, Michael Jaffery, and Mr. And Mrs. Fundenberg, who are the other guests.

Unfortunately, Toby gets killed, and Simon points the finger at Kate whose hairpin was found in Toby’s Balcony, insisting that she might be the prime suspect. Kate has two mysteries to solve, flush out the one who has been tarnishing Harold’s reputation by sending hate mails and find out the real killer before she gets arrested or killed. There are plenty of surprises in store and this is a book that you could hardly put down.

Highly recommended for reading. It’s more than five-star ratings for this one.

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  1. Wow! Dear Aparna, sounds wonderful, you did an excellent book review. You are amazing.
    I told you, see you at The New York Times with your section”books review, by Aparna”
    Have a lovely day!


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