Book review

This is one of the most gripping suspense thrillers that I have ever read. It’s too good, hard to put down, edge of the seat thriller that keeps you glued to your seat and have you chewing your nails over the fear of what’s going to happen next. Brilliant, outstanding, and fabulous.

The story begins with Victoria Hudson, a young woman in her twenties, returning late at night from a bar in New Orleans. She can’t help but feel that someone is stalking her and rushes into the safety of her house. But is she safe?

The scene shifts to FBI agent, Camille Grace, visiting a serial killer, Sir Richards, whom she put behind bars. Her encounter with him is absolutely spine chilling. After this visit, she’s having nightmares of her father who also spent his time in the prison cells.

She’s woken up by a text from her director, Milton. Milton asks her to leave for New Orleans immediately as a serial killer has struck again. Two women have been found dead and the MO of their deaths is exactly the same. Their nude bodies were discovered on the stumps of the trees in the woods. Camille initially hesitates because of her traumatic childhood but inspired by her steely resolve to bring the culprit to justice , she accepts the assignment and joins another working FBI agent, Scott Palmer. While they are trying to figure out the clues, two more gruesome murders follow in the same fashion and a fifth one is abducted. Will they be able to stop the serial killer or will there be another victim? Who’s doing it and why? There are so many twists and turns that you can’t take your eyes off the book, even for a moment. Camille is very impressive with her skills as an investigator and Scott Palmer does a wonderful job as her partner. Author Kate Bold is an awesome, super amazing author. She joins the list of my most favorite authors.

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