Anne Shillolo is one of the best cozy mystery writers, I have ever read. She is a retired teacher and enjoys writing. Her first novel ‘ Rescue Me’ was published in 2020. Besides writing, she likes slow running, slow swimming and leisurely bike rides.(

She has a cute little NSP ( Nasty Small Poodle) called Rocco who is also an adorable character in her Poodle Versus series. She has a great sense of humor that reflects in her stories and make them a delightful read. I have read two of her book series, Goodbye Port Alma and Poodle versus Assassin. They are super interesting and there’s never a dull moment. Let’s take a quick look at her works:


Rescue Me is a 45,000 word Young Adult novel that has non-stop action, a sweet romance, and a climate change theme. It’s about three teens, Vin, Erin, and Stace going on a climate change protest. They get separated due to a violent protest, each caught in the web of an adventure. This book was published in 2020. This is just a gist from a blurb from Amazon. I am planning to read this book as soon as possible.


Murder In Season Cozy Mystery (

1. Frozen Fear (2020)

2. Holiday Homicide (2020)

3. Twister Terror (2020)

This series features injured cop, Claire Beckett, and her various adventures and near escapades from the jaws of death.

Fantastic fiction. Com.

Port Alma Murder Mystery

1. Goodbye Port Alma (2021)

2. Goodbye Calais Club (2021)

3. Goodbye Sea Angel (2021)

4. Goodbye Haldane Hill (2021)

5. Goodbye Lake Street (2022)

6. Goodbye Sky Field (2022) ( This is yet to be released).

This is a fantastic hard to put down thriller featuring DC Holly Towns.


Cottage Country Cozy Mystery

1. Poodle Versus The Assassin (2020)

2. Poodle Versus The Mob (2020)

3. Poodle Versus The Killer (2020)

4. Poodle Versus The Yeti (2020)

5. Poodle Versus The Butcher (2020)

6. Poodle Versus The Fake Santa (2020)

7. Poodle Versus The Vigilante (2021)

8. Poodle Versus The Outlaw (2021)

9. Poodle Versus The Rustler (2021)

10. Poodle Versus The Spy (2022)

I have read the first two and the final book of this super fabulous series. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it and I adore all the characters. Featuring 50-year-old news reporter, Zora Flynn and her team Brady Kozak, Olivia Parker, and Barbara Stevens and the love of her life, Darius Bell with her pet poodle Rocco, this series has everything that an ideal cozy mystery is all about.

I am a huge fan of hers. When it comes to a good mystery, I only thought of Sherlock Holmes, Miss Marple, and Nancy Drew. Authors like Anne Shillolo have changed my way of thinking. I am so grateful to her for coming up with such brilliant books.

Thank you so much for taking your precious time to visit my website. Hope you enjoyed reading my blogs. 😊😊



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