Book review

This is a refreshing paranormal cozy mystery. I love reading about a person having psychic abilities who can see both past and the future with or without touching an object. I loved reading this book and there never is a dull moment to take your eyes off the book. Author Cat Green has done a fantastic job by maintaining the suspense until the end and there are plenty of twists just when you think you have figured out the criminal.

Nina Brown and her best friend, Holly Broad with their pet dog, Jasper are on a trip to Provence, France where Nina is representing the magazine she works for, ‘Travel, Food, and Wine’. She is taking the place of Ruth Ross, her boss, and The Chief Editor to judge a culinary competition. A handsome man, Jacques Corton, picks them up from the airport and drops them at Hotel Deluxe, their accommodation and the venue for the culinary competition. The hotel manager, Maurice Talbot, greets them and briefs them about their tour itinerary. He tells them about Nina’s fellow judges, Mr. Bates Bateman of New York, the founder of the Epicurean Delight competition and Gertrude Mannheim, a leading chef from Germany. The contestants are Chef Adonis Hellman, Feng Lung, and none other than Jacques Corton who served as their driver.

There is a big twist in the tale after Judge Bates Bateman gets poisoned during the ongoing competition. Nina is determined to find out the culprit. She has another special talent. She can glimpse into the past or future. Will her skill come handy in nabbing the culprit? Will Bateman survive or die? Wow.

You must read this book because it gets more interesting with every page. The humor content is quite good and like every good cozy mystery, there’s flirting, a hint of jealousy and presented so well that everything in this book is very appealing. Excellent work by the author.

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