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Sara noticed a change in Jamie’s demeanor. He had a wicked look in his eyes. Sara was sure she hadn’t programmed him to be evil. Her beloved Robot would always be prepared to follow all her instructions without any hesitation. She cleared her throat and said, ” I hope everything’s alright, Jamie. Tonight we are going to kill Chief Inspector Lester King and our man will replace him. Let’s have a quick last minute chat with our cop friend.”

Jamie stood still and said, ” It’s time for execution, alright. Pardon me, Ma’am, but I have an important task at hand. Let me finish it and then I will take care of everything.” Sara didn’t catch the purport of his statement. She gave him a thumbs up and continued to focus on the cyber stalkers and online perverts. She was programming her robots to execute as many perverts as possible.

Jamie called Emma and took her to the basement. He gave her Sara’s diary and said, ” You will take this diary and leave the house within 10 minutes. Just wait outside for Chief Inspector Lester King and give it to him. After finishing this task, you will enter self-destructive mode and explode after coming back through the gate. Do you understand? I am sorry, honey but this is important. I wish we could continue to live together as a family but your human mother, Sara, isn’t a good woman. She has got the taste of blood and has now turned into a monster.” Emma glanced at the robotic Lester tied to the chair and grinned. ” No one can replace you, dad. I am glad you tied him up. Please kill him. I hate him and mom did a bad thing. She already had us. Why did she create him?”

Jamie kissed her forehead, “She is having behavioral problems. I will help her. Now, scoot off and do as I say. It’s the last time we are seeing each other but kiddo, I love you and your mom. I wish it hadn’t ended up like this.” Emma saluted him and said, “I love you, too.” She climbed up and silently exited through the kitchen door. Jamie came back with a glass of orange juice and offered it to Sara. She took it from him and gulped it down quickly. ” Let’s have a chat with Lester before sending him to heaven,” she said.

“What’s the big rush, honey?” asked Jamie, ” I have already devised a foolproof plan of getting rid of all the evidence linking us to the world of crime. However, I have made a slight change in our itinerary. We are not going to London but someplace far above where nobody can reach us. We can live together as a family; you, me and Emma. We won’t need to keep executing people.”

Sara looked alarmed and waited for his clarification. He took out a rope and forced Sara to sit on the chair. She couldn’t believe her robot was about to assassinate her. He smiled, ” Don’t worry, my love. We are going to pay the price for our crimes. I won’t abandon you like you tried to do with me. We are getting destroyed together.” He fetched a can of kerosene and sprinkled it all over the house .

Lester and Inspector Ajay happened to reach Jamie’s house. Emma was waiting outside with the diary in her hand. She approached Jamie and handed the diary to Lester. She said, ” Dad asked me to give this to you.” Before Lester or the Inspector could stop her, she ran away into the backyard.

Boom! There was a loud explosion and as the detectives from London and India rushed in, they found Emma’s shattered body with the wiring, and the microchips scattered all over the place. Lester and Ajay had hardly recovered from the shock of watching a kid blow herself when they saw another traumatic incident. Jamie had set the house on fire. Inspector Ajay called the fire service department and an ambulance.

The fire was put out with great difficulty and Lester could not bear to watch Sara’s charred remains besides Jamie’s melted out of shape robotic corpse. He felt guilty of killing Sara as he had instigated Jamie and fostered his jealousy resulting in yet another devastation. Inspector Ajay thanked him for helping to solve the missing persons’ case.

The next day, he made his way home to England after putting an end to the cyber vigilante murders. He became a hero for having solved the most puzzling case and being a means to bringing the culprit to justice. Unfortunately, the sexual predators thought that since the culprit was dead, they were safe. They started their jobs but ended up paying with their lives.

Chief Inspector Lester King and Inspector Lucy were puzzled as the cyber murder continued to take place. Lester thought of the diary and started reading the entries.
Sara had mentioned that she would keep on killing the perverts by feeding the automated program that would alert her robots placed all over the world and execute the guilty. Only she could stop the murders but had no intention of doing so. Lester was frustrated. He called his friend, Jordan, who was an IT expert to hack Sara’s website and modify the instructions.

While he was dealing with Sara’s case, he saw a shocking news on a pedophile who had stalked a teenager online, posted obscene photos and abetted him to commit suicide. It was then Lester made a final decision that shocked everyone in the police department. He resigned from his job and asked Jordan to drop the idea of modifying the program. He saw Lucy and the Police chief staring at him in an absolute shocked silence. He asked them to step into the conference room for the final time and said, ” I don’t regret my decision to quit. Sara was a victim of great injustice that turned her into a monster. Can you imagine the plight of a mother who witnessed the death of her own child because of gangrape by the monster of her husband and his scoundrel friends? Shocking, isn’t it? On the contrary she was imprisoned on the fake charges of prostitution by the people who abused their powers.

She decided to take revenge and she did. But her soul was deeply hurt and she felt the need to make this world a better place by getting rid of all the sexual predators to protect other women and children. Her intention was good but she chose violence. I am not justifying her actions. Her murder spree sent shivers to the predators and there was a substantial decline in human trafficking. Now, people have once again resumed their dirty deeds after learning about Sara’s death. There have been a couple of teenage suicides this week that may be related to sexual harassment. Let the robots take care of these monsters to instil fear in them and act as a deterrent from sex and porn addiction.”

Lucy and the police chief agreed with his views and wished him luck on his new endeavor as a private detective.

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  1. Great episodes Aparna! 👏🏼 You are so imaginative and creative my friend. 🥰💖🤗 Your thrillers naturally suck us into your storylines. 😊 Excellent! So proud of you my dear! Continue creating! ✍🏼✍🏼✍🏼

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  2. Thank you so much, dear Elvira 🥰🥰😊😊😊. You just made my day. Have a brilliant weekend.


  3. What a gripping tale, Aparna!!! This one is surely your best till date. Hats off to you. Keep writing keep shining! Also, I feel that your post is apt for Mother’s day. The message is profound!

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  4. Thank you so much, dear Harshi. I feel highly motivated by your words of encouragement and appreciation. 😊😊😊. Have a brilliant weekend.

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