Book review

This is a good book but not upto the level that I expected. I can only give it a 3.5 to 4 to be honest. While it’s downright hilarious at several places, some details could have been avoided to maintain the curiosity of the readers.

Grace Smith, is an investigator, employed with Vetch’s (International) Investigations Inc. She is approached by Della Black to investigate who’s been sending anonymous threatening letters to her son Jonathan, now married to Clemency Courtney, a TV actress. She poses as a Gardner in their house to keep an eye on Jonathan and his wife. Meanwhile, ‘O’ Hara, her friend, offers her another case.

It involves the mysterious disappearance of Heidi Walkinshaw. Her parents reported her missing and believed Leslie Raymond Higgins, a pervert, to have attacked or murdered Heidi. Dane’O’ Hara’s brother, Declan, who was an ex-cop, gone rogue, confessed before his death to have murdered Leslie Higgins with his partner instead of Graham Walkinshaw , who took the blame and spent time behind bars.

O’Hara wants Grace to find out Heidi’s missing body. Now, she has two cases in hands and an accident or two as a warning to stop the investigation. Can she find out who threatened Jonathan and what secret was he hiding? Can she discover Heidi ( dead or alive)?

The humor content and the unexpected twist at the end make this book readable. When I started reading the first few pages, I was very impressed and couldn’t wait to read more but I lost the interest halfway through the book. It’s the climax that’s wonderful and made me finish the book. It started high, lost the plot in the middle, and bounced back in the end.

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8 thoughts on “CAUGHT IN THE ACT

  1. Wow! Dear Aparna sounds amazing, you do an excellent review of books, you can do it at the news parper, for The New York Times, at least. Thank’s for share, dear friend.
    Wonderful day!

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  2. Wow. Thank you so much, dear Elvira, for the wonderful compliments. 😊😊😊. You are so kind. I appreciate it, dear friend. Have a wonderful day.


  3. You are welcome, dear Aparna.
    It’s what I think, my dear friend.
    You are brilliant! I guess You are going to do amazing things.
    Thanks! Have a wonderful day too!

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