Book review

Wow! An incredibly interesting and a mind-blowing thriller. I couldn’t take my eyes off this book even for a moment. It’s undoubtedly one of the best books I have ever read this year.

The book begins with a flashback on Detective Sergeant Solomon Gray discussing the mysterious disappearance of his six-year-old son, Tom, with Detective Constable Michael Fowler and Detective Sergeant Jeffrey Carslake.

The story leaps forward by ten years and DS Gray visits a crime scene involving a suicide by a teenager, who Gray fears might be his lost son. The victim is Nick Burmingham. He has a list of crimes under his name in the police records. Gray investigates the scene supervised by his immediate boss DI Yvonne Hamson and Medical Examiner Dr. Ben Clough.

Reverend David Hill seeks his help during his ongoing investigation where DI Pennance from Metropolitan Police Department joins him. But Hill’s body is discovered later.

DS Gray is also shocked to learn about another dead body being discovered. The victim is Tanya Small whose cafe he used to frequent and had sex before she died. He has a scuffle with the nosy reporter, Ed Scully and he is dead.

All the victims have a common connection- They were in contact with DS Gray. Gray is stunned to find his mobile number in the mobile phone of Nick, a suicide turned murder victim. He denies knowing Nick. He pleads innocence, but is he? Who’s on the killing spree and wants Gray behind bars or preferably dead? This is an edge of the seat thriller and flashbacks add to the suspense element. Definitely a must read. Fascinating book! Deserves more than five stars.

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