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This is an amazing and super interesting paranormal cozy mystery series. I loved the concept of solving the cases with the help of psychic vision. Author April Fernsby has come up with a unique paranormal mystery series featuring Karis Booth, a psychic who gets visions from the past as well as future and ably supported by Peggy, her motherly neighbor and an adorable old lady who’s young at heart. She is always up for solving a baffling murder case. I found Peggy’s antics so cute. Karis’ close relationship with her sister Erin and brother-in-law, Robbie is so heart touching and adorable. Let’s take a look at the wonderful stories.

A Deadly Delivery ( Book 1)

Karis Booth is on the verge of separation from her cheating husband, Gavin Booth. She comes to visit her sister Erin at Erin’s cafe and bury the hatchet with her. This is a highly emotional scene and very heart touching.I loved the way Erin welcomes her estranged elder sister with open arms. Karis meets Carmel, an employee at Nithercott’s Bread, who delivers delicious bread at the cafe. Unfortunately, Karis gets a vision in which she witnesses a shadow pushing Carmel to her death. Can she prevent a mishap or is it too late? She also meets her ex-flame , DCI Sebastian Parker. An amazing book.

A Fatal Wedding (Book 2)

Karis’ motherly neighbor, Peggy Marshall, enters Erin’s cafe with her friends, Christine, her nieces, Bryony and her sister Leila, and her mum, Alison for the craft evening at the Cafe. Karis experiences another vision concerning Bryony where she’s pleading with someone to stop ruining her impending marriage, the sugar almonds are scattered. Karis’ visions keep getting scarier as she also sees someone poisoning the wedding favours . She confides in Peggy about her vision and they prepare additional wedding favours to avert a disaster. In her final vision about Bryony, she sees the bride holding a knife with blood spread over the carpet and Aunt Christine questioning her actions. Can Karis and Peggy avert a major tragedy? Be prepared as the series keeps getting more interesting and extremely thrilling.

Tea and murder (Book 3)

Karis suddenly develops an aversion to tea and dumps down the contents of the cup offered by Erin who’s heavily pregnant. They are working on the extension of Erin’s cafe which is funded by Karis with her money after the divorce with Gavin. Robbie, Erin’s husband and a cop, introduces Howie, whose company is assisting them with the cafe renovation. Karis has a vision about Howie choking over a cup of poisoned tea and dying. She discusses her vision with Erin, when Vanessa Kett steps in and chats with Erin. She introduces Howie as her husband. Vanessa makes fun of Karis.

Erin is furious and tells her about Karis’ vision. Vanessa is sceptical but Karis’ vision materializes and Howie turns up dead. Karis turns to her ex-flame turned foe turned into a friend- DCI Sebastian Parker and the sprightly Peggy Marshall to solve this baffling case of murder.

The Knitting Pattern Mystery (Book 4)

Peggy Marshall has started taking Knitting classes and blogging with the encouragement of Karis. She gets a vision when the class is about to begin and sees a knitting pattern for a stylish twin set and imagines the feelings of a lady in love with a young man and how he would feel after seeing her in her new attire. It turns out to be an event in the past and an undetected murder around 30 years ago. Who is the lady and the mysterious man? The knitting pattern has a gory crime attached to it. Can Sebastian aka Seb, Karis and Peggy uncover the crime and find out the murderer? This one is too thrilling for words.

The Cross Stitch Puzzle (Book 5)

Peggy asks Karis about her latest psychic visions which she hasn’t experienced for quite a while. Meanwhile, they discuss about cross stitching when Anita of Hart’s haberdashery delivers her cross stitch kits. Karis has an intuition of sort and picks a kit featuring an image of Eiffel Tower. She can’t shake off the feeling of a disaster and a tragedy strikes twice, Erin loses her wedding rings and Lyla Gibson-Smith, a member of Peggy’s stitching classes turns up dead. Maisie Abbott is the prime suspect because of her tussle with Lyla but the case isn’t as simple as it seems. Can Seb depend on Karis and Peggy to find out the truth? This is very intriguing.

A Tragic Party ( Book 6)

Erin is hosting a birthday party of six-year-old Primrose Olson, the daughter of a pregnant Klaudia and her husband, Dean Olson. She met them in the antenatal classes for expecting parents. Karis has a vision of a disaster to follow. She sees someone rolling over the steps. Her vision comes true but the person, a clown Dazzle, who pretends to fall over the steps but gets up unharmed. The trouble isn’t over and Klaudia’s mother Johanna enters the party. She also happens to be Sebastian’s ex-girlfriend and flirts with him, much to Karis’ annoyance. A drama unfolds as Dazzle the clown makes nasty comments on Dean and Klaudia. But Dazzle’s dead body is discovered by Erin, Peggy and Karis, face down on the Unicorn cake. Who killed him and why? Read this thriller with plenty of twists.

The Book Club Murder ( Book 7)

Karis is helping to organize the book club hosted by Henri McAllister, the rudest man she ever met. She gets her usual premonition of books falling from the shelves and a dead body with blood smeared all over the book cover. Henri speaks rudely to her and as the book club commences, he announces the arrival of Ruby Sparkle, a famous author. He forces her to read some awful, malicious passages that offend a young man and a woman. They later argue with him and leave the club after Ruby exits. Karis’ vision turns out to be true as she discovers Henri’s dead body. This book is full of unexpected twists and turns to keep you glued to your seats. Awesome!

Death of a psychic ( Book 8)

Karis doesn’t like the organizing of psychic reading by Theodosia. She is shocked to find plenty of candles lit in the room upstairs where the reading takes place. She accosts Theodosia who tries to scare her of losing her psychic powers and force her to part with money for restoring them. Karis has a vision of her getting a whack on her head and getting killed but Theodosia laughs it off. Karis contacts Seb who is out of town for a conference. He refers her to DI Fiona Knox. The latter visits Erin’s cafe and tells her about the death of Theodosia Baker. She had made plenty of enemies with her fake vision. Can Karis catch the culprit? The series just keeps getting more entertaining. I thoroughly enjoyed and loved reading it. I highly recommend for all the paranormal cozy mystery lovers.

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