A Book review

Good afternoon friends,

I have a wonderful news to share with all those who love cozy mysteries. I am grateful to Ms. Shillolo, the author of Poodle Versus The Spy for the advanced review copy. This is an awesome book and going to leave you spellbound. It’s fun, highly enjoyable, full of suspense to keep you guessing until the end.

I am a huge fan of Ms. Zora Flynn now Mrs. Zora Bell, the 50- year-old, owner of The Williamsport Whistle, the local newspaper of Williamsport town, in Canada. She’s such a great sport and has a flair for solving puzzling crimes that leave even the police chief, Arni Korhonen baffled, with the help of her reliable reporters, Olivia Park and Brady Kozak. Together, they make a wonderful team, sharing a great camaraderie. The icing on the cake is the addition to Prince Rocco, her pet poodle, now joined by Mocha. Barbara Stevens, her production manager, is another asset on whom Zora can always rely.

Zora and her team are covering the Cottage Country Maple Festival when a tragedy strikes the festival. The discovery of a dead body in a local maple sugar bush, the acts of vandalism and the continued grand theft of maple syrup from the local producers dampen the spirits of the festival. The police are clueless but Zora and her team will not be mute spectators.

This book has the perfect combination of fun, humor, thrill, and suspense and highly recommended for cozy mystery lovers. Do grab this book as it would be available on Amazon from April 29, 2022.

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