Book review

This boxset is a yummy delicious feast for the eyes. I adore Author Rosie A. Point for coming up with a series filled with fun, thrill, enthusiasm, a great sense of adventure, humor, friendly teasing, sweet flirting. To sum up, this series is one of the best cozy mysteries and highly entertaining.

Vanilla Vendetta (Book 1)

Charlotte Mission, aka, Smith is forced to go undercover and work as an assistant-cum-maid in her Grandmother Georgina Mission aka Franklin’s Gossip Inn in the town of Gossip. Her ex-husband, Kyle Turner, was also a spy like her and Georgina working for the NSIB ( National Security Intelligence Bureau) until Charlotte found out that he had turned a rogue and joined hands with the enemy camp. She blows his cover and he vows to hunt her down for the betrayal. Unfortunately, she witnesses the death of a guest, Pete Ball, who dies after consuming the cupcake she made. Detective Crowley suspects her and Charlotte vows to clear her name despite the fear of blowing her cover. Grandma whom she calls Gama in private and Georgina is fascinating. While Lauren, their chef, is so sweet and naive. This is very adventurous with some amazing twists.

Strawberry Sin ( Book 2)

Charlotte is always on the lookout for her criminal ex-husband, Kyle Turner,who might kill her. Her boss, Chief Grant, sends one of his agents, Brian Smulder, to keep an eye on Charlotte and protect her from a possible danger. She accompanies her Grandma Georgina to the library, where the latter has verbal spat with Hannah, the rude librarian, who ends up dead. Naturally, Georgina is the prime suspect and the police is almost convinced of her guilt but Charlotte will not rest until she hunts down the culprit.

Cocoa conviction ( Book 3)

Charlotte hears a heated argument between Trinity Malone and Bob Bolton, both grumpy and hard to please guests. Charlotte tries to calm them down. Meanwhile, Brian, the agent uses his cover as a Gardner. Trinity raises a hue and cry after finding her daughter, Chrissy, missing and accuses Bob but Charlotte rescues Chrissy and settles the matter. The Gossip Inn is busy with the Easter Celebration but Bob Bolton is found dead. Charlotte decides to investigate with her grandma and learns about his engagement to a young girl, Leanne. She cries foul and points fingers towards Bob’s great aunt Gracie. This is highly impossible because she is confined to wheelchair and taken care of by a male nurse, Kieran. Leanne also dies unexpectedly and Agent Brian gets kidnapped. Charlotte’s mission to save the inn from being closed permanently.

Raspberry Revenge ( Book 4)

Charlotte is in her room enjoying her time with Cocoa, her grandma’s cat. Georgina has set a foster kitten care center in the Inn to save the abandoned stray kitties. She hears a bloodcurdling scream at 3 AM and steps to investigate, joined by her grandma and Smulder. They are shocked to find an aged guest, Vaughan Shone, claiming to have seen a ghost. He has come to Gossip Inn to open a drive-in theater with his business partner, Bridgette Myers. His daughter, Stephanie, is very rude and doesn’t seem to like her father coming back to Gossip. Charlotte’s visiting the opening of the theater and is on the way to the ladies room. She meets Shone and inquires about what he saw but before he could reply, someone silences him forever. As if this isn’t enough, cats are missing from Georgina’s nemesis Jesse-Belle-Blue’ s cattery and from the Gossip Inn as well. What about the ghost claimed to have been seen by Shone before his death? Will Charlotte crack this complicated case before it gets out of hand? The series keeps on getting more thrilling.

The Mint Murder (Book 5)

The Gossip Inn is hosting a birthday party celebration of senior Hollywood Actor, Darling Gould, followed by her retinue consisting of Sherise Rogers, her close friend, Callie Gordon, A young, up-and-coming actress who has a soft corner for Brixton Norridge, Darling’s companion, and Gerry Gould, her husband. Charlotte overhears Darling’s argument with Sherise who leaves the library and shocked to find Darling’s dead body in a few minutes. Well, Darling wasn’t well liked by her husband, and Callie. This book is a real stunner as Charlotte makes amazing discoveries.

Chocolate Chills ( Book 6)

The NSIB team headed by Chief Agent Grant wants to protect Charlotte and her grandma from the wrath of the rogue former spy and her ex-husband, Kyle Turner. They are undercover and forbid Charlie and her grandma from stepping out of the inn. Charlie overhears an argument between Jordan Ames, a homeless guy, who has been given refuge in the inn as the caretaker of the Kitten foster care center and Hannah Greerson. Jordan ends up dead in the library and Charlie discovers his body. Charlie’s scared after finding Kyle’s wedding ring . Is he back to kill her and murdered Jordan? This is one of the best cozy thrillers as the book gets too interesting with surprising and shocking twists, making you wish the book never ends. Very very very entertaining and an adorable series which is a must read.

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