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Lester King tried to loosen the knot around his wrist but it kept getting tighter. He had an idea formulating in his mind. He waited for Jamie to turn up with his food. After an hour, Jamie came down to the basement and removed the gag from his mouth. ” Open your mouth,” he instructed, with a morsel of food in his hand. Lester stopped him and said,” I appreciate your feeding me. But I am concerned about you. Have you noticed Sara playing with my lookalike rather than paying attention to you?”

Jamie, the robot, looked at him out of sheer curiosity. He replied in his mechanical voice, ” What are you hinting at? Are you trying to set me against her? I have been programmed to be loyal and faithful to my owner, Ms. Sylvester.” Lester asked him, ” Do you love your mistress? Did she return your affection?”
Jamie added, ” It’s none of your business. Please have your food and let me do my duty.” Lester decided to play with his emotions. He said, ” I pity you, Jamie. She’s treating you like a servant and you are dancing to her tunes. Are you blinded in your love for her? She’s simply using you as a toy to seek revenge. She will get rid of you forever if she feels that you have served your purpose. Though you are a robot, you deserve a chance to live, right?”

Jamie didn’t reply. He seemed to be thinking about Lester’s suggestions. This was a significant progress in the path of robotics science where a machine started thinking on its own. ” You are right,” said Jamie, ” Even I have noticed her trading her affection with Lester, the robot. I hate him. Sara is mine and I wouldn’t let another tin can take her away from me. Tell me what to do.”

Lester smiled and asked him to come closer and whispered in his ears, “First, I want you to loosen the knots. Then, eavesdrop on Sara and find out whatever conspiracy she’s hatching right now. Make sure that you don’t let my lookalike serve me food unless I say so. Do you understand?”

Jamie followed his instructions and left Lester with a gag in his mouth. Can you imagine a robot getting jealous of another robot? Jamie was furious to see Sara flirting with another robot. He thought that the human, Lester, was right in his assessment about Sara. He had helped her getaway with plenty of murders but she was being unfaithful to him. Sara kissed him regularly and used him as her sex toy every day. But Jamie lost all the attention to the new robot. He was too much in love with his creator.

Sara saw him looking at her and smiled at him. She kissed him and said, ” That’s like a good boy. I want you to take care of the man downstairs for a week. Then, I will kill him and set fire to this house. You, and I will join Lester, the robot, on his way back to London. We will be able to snuff out more sexual offenders under his watchful eyes. Lester will save us from getting arrested. How’s my plan? “

Jamie saluted her and said, ” Your wish is my command.” He went on to perform his regular tasks but automatically switched on the in-built recorder. Sara’s brazen display of affection had riled up Jamie. Just then, Emma returned home from school. Jamie adored Emma and his anger vanished completely. Sara stopped Emma from meeting Jamie and forced her to shake hands with Lester. Emma cringed and stepped away from the new robot. She joined her robotic dad.

” Never mind her, Lester,” said Sara, ” I will program her to like you and call you her dad. There’s no question of divorcing Jamie because he’s only a machine. We will get married before leaving to England. I need Jamie for a couple of tasks and then I will deactivate him until the need arises.”

Jamie was planning to turn the tables on her. He went to serve food to Lester in the basement and played the recording. Lester listened to the recording and sympathized with Jamie. After the end of the recording, he asked Jamie, ” Can you do me a favor and get my cellphone back? Replace it with something similar so that Sara doesn’t suspect anything. And I want you to forward this recording to my cellphone. “

Jamie agreed to help him. The next day, he came back with Lester’s original mobile. Lester told him about his plan to escape and replace him with the new robot. Jamie’s eyes gleamed in delight as he found a way to get rid of the traitor.

Later that night, Jamie requested Lester’s robot to give food to the police chief. Everything went according to his plan. Sara didn’t suspect anything and gave him a go ahead. When the robotic Lester entered the basement, Jamie hit the deactivate button on his head. Jamie released the original Lester and tied the robot in his place. Lester took the snaps of the skeletons as the evidence to prove Sara’s guilt. Lester pretended to be a robot and followed Jamie.

Jamie said, ” I would like to show Lester around the neighborhood. May I? ” Sara was so busy planning her next bunch of murders that she gave a curt nod. Jamie let him escape from the front gate.

Lester went to his hotel room after seeking Mrs. Sharma’s help. He called Lucy and briefed her on his ordeal. Lucy was so shocked that she was speechless.

Meanwhile, Jamie came back with a maniacal grin on his robotic face. What’s going to happen to Sara? Will she be arrested or get away from her crime? Watch out for the final episode of Cyber Vigilante next Friday with lots of drama, action and thrill.

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