Book review

I have read Elle Adam’s Library Witch series and found it highly entertaining and very thrilling. She is very, very creative and I admire her exceptional talent in bringing out novel varieties of witches, which make her books more exciting, highly enjoyable and with exceptional twists that could keep you guessing.

Maura is a ex-Reaper and has just lost her job at the morgue when she receives a mail from Carey Forbes of Hawkwood Hollow to get rid of a troublesome ghost at a house once belonging to Mrs. Renner. Her ghost twin brother Mart urges her to accept the job.

She leaves immediately and reaches Hawkwood Hollow, only to find a town full of ghosts who can sense her presence. Carey takes her to the haunted house so that she could also record the ghost hunting for her blog. Carey is wearing special goggles that could see ghosts and record them through the in-built camera. Carey tells Maura that she (Mrs. Renner) died in this house . Mrs. Renner is terrorizing the construction workers trying to rebuild her crumbling house.

Suddenly, a gust of wind takes her by surprise with the ghost of Mrs. Renner asking them to leave the house. She stumbles into a a hot Detective Drew Gardner who finds her to be nosy and warns her to leave the town. But Maura is determined to banish the ghost of Mrs. Renner. On a rare moment when she’s alone at the haunted house, Mrs. Renner tells her that it was a murder and not an accident and points finger at Dolores, her friend turned foe.

In a twisted turn of events, Dolores is also found dead. Can Maura solve the case without another body being added to the list? Will Maura send away Mrs. Renner’s ghost to the other side as a reaper? The book is too exciting and there’s an amazing twist that completely blew me away. Wow! I highly recommend it for paranormal cozy mystery lovers.

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