Photo by Arnie Watkins on Pexels.com
Here comes the golden ball of fire,

Laughing at us earthlings,

Scorching us with its tremendous heat,

Right from a pauper to the queens and kings.

"Why are you punishing us like this?" I asked it,

Purely out of curiosity.

It sneered at me and said, "As if you don't know.

It is purely because of your audacity."

It went on to praise our Mother Earth

Which helped us to live and grow.

It rebuked, "You are destroying your own mother.

Don't you have any gratitude to show?"

"I am not going to show mercy on you.

You, humans, are conceited and greedy.

You waste food but don't think twice about

Giving the same to the needy.

Mother Earth gave you everything for your survival.

She fed you all really well.

You killed her other children with no scope for revival.

You made her life a miserable hell.

How do you expect me to show kindness to you?

When you are torturing my precious child.

She is so forgiving that she tolerates you.

Her temper is sweet and mild.

It is high time that you must be taught a lesson.

Lessons that are hard to learn.

Save this beautiful earth before it is too late.

Or else for her love you may yearn."

Let us pledge to stop deforestation.

And work towards wildlife conservation.

Let us minimize all forms of pollution,

To save the earth, it is the only solution.

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8 thoughts on “POETIC THURSDAYS (10)

  1. Oh my goodness Aparna, what an awesome and thought provoking poem about how we are destroying Mother Earth. She still continues to take care of us, even when we are carelessly neglecting and destroying her. šŸ˜„ Humankind never seems to take notice until it’s too late. Thanks so much for sharing such an enjoyable and reality-checking read my friend. šŸ¤—šŸŒ²šŸŒ…šŸ„°šŸŒŸšŸ’šŸ¦‹

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