Easy As Scry (Spellford Cove Mysteries)

This is a delightful paranormal cozy mystery read. I have read Samantha Silver’s other books on watches and I can say that she weaves magic with her pen. I thoroughly enjoyed reading books like the Enchanted Enclave Mysteries. She’s awesome. This series also had me completely hooked from the beginning to the end. All the books in this series are too good to be missed.

The Witching Flour ( Book 1)
Robin Carter finds an intruder in her house and calls the police only to find a raccoon. She is surprised to find a mail inside the house when she’s quite sure that she had left locked it. She’s shocked to learn that it’s from Aunt Heather, her biological mother’s sister. She had never seen her biological mother who had given up for adoption to the Carters. Her aunt mentions that Robin’s mother had left her bakery, The Queen’s Tart to her as she died the previous week and mentioned how to find Robin before her death.

Robin decides to meet her family and then take a call. She reaches Spellford Bay, Washington. Her Aunt Heather welcomes her and introduces her to her twin cousins, Elsa and Emma. Robin is astonished to learn that she’s a witch and Aunt Heather had used magic to leave her the letter. Unable to come to terms with the revelation, she thinks her family is crazy and goes back to her hotel where she finds a cat talking to her and announcing that he is her new familiar, William Shakespaw. She visits Forest Cafe for food and a man tries to make a pass at her. She rebuffs his advances and there is an altercation. Robin is in for a rude shock when he dies shortly. The whole town suspects her of poisoning Charlie Johnson, the arrogant man who tried hitting on her.

She reaches to her cousin, Elsa, who warms up to her and agrees to teach Robin, magic. She decides to open her mother’s bakery but people avoid her because they fear she might have poisoned cakes, pastries and pies. Robin steps to investigate Charlie’s murder and learns that he was a shady character responsible for supplying drugs to Daniel Farraway who died of overdosing. His father, Andrew, was devastated and lost his zeal for life. He also had antagonized Tony Byers, husband of the local nurse, Lucy.  Tony helped him get a job in a grocery store but Charlie was caught stealing and Tony got demoted.

Can Robin catch the real culprit and save her business? She has a special talent. She can see and interact with ghosts. This is a lovely book.

Double, Double, Tart and Trouble. (Book 2)

Robin’s bakery business is flourishing with the help of her only employee, Yoko, a Japanese kitchen witch. She has a weird customer arguing with her over a flavor of cheesecake and finally settles for the one offered by her. Robin’s trouble is not yet over because the rude woman,Pauline Hepburn, who fought with her dies with a box of cheesecake purchased from her bakery.  She’s under suspicion once again. To add to her woes, a reporter, Bianca Blatchford,tries to paint her business in a poor light, that has a contrary effect. But Robin wants to catch the culprit. She breaks and enters into Pauline’s house with her Daredevil cousin Elsa, only to be accosted by her ghost. Someone sets fire to Pauline’s house. What will happen to Robin and Elsa? It’s full of surprises and definitely keep you glued to the story.

Baker’s Coven ( Book 3)

Robin meets her biological father, Antonio, whose intentions are not good. He wants her to join him in taking over the world by their power. She turns him down and forces him to go away. Her business is flourishing. This time another tragedy strikes in the form of the accidental death of Theresa, a ranger who works with her cousin Elsa in Spellford National Park. Her ghost seeks Robin’s help to punish the culprit because Theresa is quite sure someone shoved her to fall down from the mountain cliff. How will Robin prove that Theresa was murdered and by whom? This is a fantastic thriller and even more gripping. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the series.

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