A book review

Wow. I had a fantastic time reading this delightful mystery based on witchy magic. It’s so interesting, thrilling, and a perfect combination of sadness, humor, flirting with an unexpected twist to keep you glued to your seat.

Rosella Midnight is a witch and a reporter living in Portland who has lost her job to the cunningness of her colleague, Yasmine. She has also broken up with her fiance, Leo, who tries his best to win her over. Rosella has decided to move back to her hometown of Winterspell, where there is no place for non-magical folks.

She starts working for her family owned bakery, The Sugar shack, and ably assisted by her sisters, Jasmine and Candice. Her grandma, Rose, is such an adorable character. Her family doesn’t want to lose her again.

There is a twist in the tale after three women disappear mysteriously near the lake that intrigues Rosella, aka, Ella. She decides to attend the town hall meeting with her childhood best friend, Matty, to be held that night about the disappearances of three women, Olivia, Amber, and Krystal. Warden Lenora Quinton attributes their disappearance to a sea serpent in the lake and introduces Orion, the hunter to find and kill it.

Ella has a soft corner for the animals and has the rare ability to speak with them. She visits the lake and chats with the serpent, Valkyrie, who assures her that she had never hurt anyone. Ella visits Orion and seeks time to prove Valkyrie’s innocence and find the actual culprit. Meanwhile, there are plenty of revelations that initially point her towards someone but end up being a damper. Another woman is kidnapped. Are these ladies alive or dead? Who’s doing this and why? Can Ella save Valkyrie or would she be hunted down? This is a wonderful paranormal cozy mystery and definitely worth reading.

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