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Yikes! How dare you come near me? 
I have got the most sophisticated weapons, as you can see.
If you don't retreat now, I swear, 
I will crush you under my footwear. 
Get out of my house, you troublesome pest! 
Why don't you leave me alone? Please give me some rest. 
I will kill you with my rolling pin, 
And throw your dead body into a garbage bin. 

I will feed you a cake laced with poison.
I wish I could think of a way to imprison. 
Go away, please don't test my patience. 
Though I must say I am impressed with your resilience. 
How do you manage to escape from my wrath? 
Why do you sneak when I take my bath? 
I am indeed scared to see my enemy approach. 
Don't be scared, dear readers, it's only a cockroach. 

My house is the abode of lizards, spiders, and mosquitoes. 
Consuming human blood like liquid burritos. 
No matter how I drive them away. 
They come back again for a permanent stay. 
I wish they would leave me alone. 
And move out to a better residential zone. 

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