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Blink! Poof! And gone! The weekend always gets over within a blink of an eye as most of the jokes claim. Oh no! It’s Monday already and I wake up with a groan. It’s time to add fast forward button and motivate myself to move around the kitchen. ” So, what are you planning to cook today? “asks my husband. I am almost on the verge of saying ” Excuses”. The sensible part of me enables me to give a satisfactory reply but the weirdo within me wonders whether we eat to live or live to eat.

My princess throws her tantrums and makes faces when she learns about the breakfast options. I give her two choices: eat or go hungry. Seriously, the question of what to cook for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is more complicated than the discussion on Ukraine-Russia war. It’s time to join YouTube classes for satisfying the taste buds of the tongues that are a mile long.

Oops! You have overcooked the vegetable. Have you forgotten to add a pinch of salt to the stew? I have tolerated these comments for several years. I have received appreciation as well. But my family probably thinks criticism is necessary to keep me grounded. The demon inside me wants to take revenge by preparing tea fully saturated with salt or make a gravy with half a packet of chilli powder. It’s at a time like this that the clown inside me composes a funny poem or does a funny take on nursery rhymes. This song is based on Here we go round the mulberry bush:

Here I enter the bloody kitchen, the bloody kitchen, the bloody kitchen.

Here I enter the bloody kitchen on a hot and sultry morning.

This is the way I turn on the gas stove, turn on the gas stove on a hot and sultry morning.

This is the way I fight with the pots and pans, the pots and pans, on a hot and sultry morning.

This is the way I cut myself while chopping vegetables on a hot and sultry morning.

This is the way I burned my finger, I burned my finger, I burned my finger.

This is the way I burned my finger on a hot and sultry morning.

This is the way I spilled and ruined the food on a hot and sultry morning.

😂😂😂. Now that cooking is over and I have sent my daughter to school, I pick up my best friend, my smartphone. There’s a child in me which gets delighted with every like on my posts on the social media. I have another question. What kind of blog am I going to post today? Thinking, thinking, and more thinking. I feel as if the gray cells in my brain will also turn my hair gray. While I am lost in my own world, I hear my husband and father-in-law engaged in a conversation on their respective phones. Hubby dearest is discussing the stock market while my father-in-law is busy in a heated conversation with some long distance relative. Both are blessed with voices that could be heard all over the neighborhood.

I don’t mean to eavesdrop but daddy dearest ( father-in-law) is asking questions like who is your great-great-great-great grandfather? Whose clan were you born? I thank God because he didn’t ask Why were you born?

My mischievous brain frames silly questions like these and equally idiotic answers.

  1. Who started your family and why? Ans . An unemployed moron who thought he was a producer, produced another bunch of morons and spread moronism all over the world.
  2. Whose clan were you born? Ans . Judging on my looks, probably belonged to the clan of gorilla, chimpanzee or an orangutan.

Now, my sensible part of the brain, has different sets of answers to the same questions.

  1. Who started your family and why? Ans. God created my family ( world). He wanted someone to appreciate His love for humanity and all the creatures existing with the humans. He bestowed us with so many precious gifts like speech, laughter, ability to express our feelings, knowledge, and thinking power to differentiate between the good and the bad.
  2. Whose clan were you born? Ans . Humanity. I belong to humanity and the whole world is my family. I consider everyone including the flora and fauna as my near and dear ones because we can speak and understand the language of love.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my many faces. To tell you the truth, I have two sides, the good and the bad which is rather naughty than evil. Sometimes I resort to funny essays and sarcastic replies to ward off my frustration.

What do you do when you are angry? I would love to hear about your experiences.

Thank you so much for taking your precious time to visit my website. Hope you enjoyed reading my blogs. 😊😊


5 thoughts on “MONDAY BLUES (6)

  1. Wonderful post! Dear Aaparna, when I am angry, I just need to be alone, and breath, inhale and exhale, then clear my mind, and I feel relief.
    That’s my way to keep calm.
    Thank’s for share.
    Keep smiling.


  2. Oh my goodness Aparna, I couldn’t help but to laugh at your quirkiness about how to handle criticism in the midst of trying to remain calm and not ring everybody’s neck at the same time! 🤣😅😂 Girl, I feel the same way too!!! I literally want to explode when my husband says, great dinner, but…….. 😆😆😆

    When I am angry, I take some loooonnnnnnngggg deep breaths and step away from whatever or whoever raised my anger level. A good cup of tea never hearts! 😜🍵🥰


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