A book review

Good evening friends,

I could not resist myself from posting this book review because it’s absolutely fantastic and a complete stress-buster in spite of a murder being involved. If you want a good laugh with suspense, do grab this book.

Oh My God! What a wonderful, marvelous, hilarious, cozy mystery! I am head over heels in love with Author Erin Huss. This is a book and perhaps a series, no one should ever miss. It was so funny at many places that I kept on laughing. My husband thought I had lost my marbles. It’s a fantastic, refreshing, thrilling cozy mystery that keeps you not only guessing but you might not want the book to end.

Cambria Clyne is a property manager working for Patrick of Elder Property Management. She has a three-year-old, cute little daughter, Lilly. She spots one of the residents, Fox, from Apartment 19B, doing yoga wearing excessive clothes in the courtyard. She decides to tell him off when a goat nips her back leg. There’s a funny confrontation with Fox after the goat chews the money from her purse that she left lying around. I had a hearty laugh over this situation.

Cambria rushes off to attend an interview at Cedar Creek Apartments with Dr. And Mr. Dashwood. Unfortunately, while the interview is still in progress, she is frequently interrupted by phone messages. Cambria has a dubious record of finding dead bodies wherever she worked as an onsite property manager. She receives text messages from Fox about letting in a cable guy for faster internet connectivity who knocked down a wall. Fox has discovered a barrel which he pries open to find an old corpse of a lady.

Cambria excuses herself from the rest of her interview, promising to mail her resume, and rushes back to the Burbank building. Mr. Nguyen, the maintenance supervisor, has called the police. Cambria’s boyfriend, Chase, is one of the detectives who arrives at the crime scene with his partner, Hampton. Cambria’s reputation is at stake and so is her new employment. She has to solve this case so that her prospective new employers have no problem hiring her.
There are so many hilarious moments and very interesting characters adding spice to the story. It’s a hundred percent entertainer. I highly recommend this book because I can’t stop raving about it. It’s too good to be missed. Well done, dear Erin!

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  1. Wow! Amazing! Sound really interesting, another for my list. Thank’s for share dear Aparna.
    You are so kind, enjoy your weekend!


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