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Jamie fed him food and water. Lester tried to reason with him. His pleas fell on deaf ears. Half an hour later, Sara entered the basement, where Lester was held captive. She said, “Well, Chief Inspector Lester King, are you ready to hear some bitter truth about your no-good cousin? He was the biggest jerk and a scumbag on this earth. Jamie and his friends came here to spend their vacation five years ago. He met me on the beach. We fell in love with each other. I was also a tourist like him. We exchanged numbers and did everything shown in the movies. Unfortunately, we got physically involved, and I ended up getting pregnant. We got married against the wishes of our family. Emma entered our lives as our bundle of joy. Our fairytale romance came to an end after Jamie got a new job. His friends were characterless shits. They turned him into an alcoholic and a monster. When Emma turned two, Jamie and his scoundrel friends tried to force themselves on her. I offered myself as a scapegoat to save her from a miserable fate.

They feasted upon my body every day until I collapsed and got hospitalized. They took advantage of my absence, and everyone, including Jamie, gang-raped Emma. My child lost her life when she was just two. Can you imagine a father raping and murdering his daughter?” Lester was horrified after listening to Sara’s story. She continued, ” They dumped her body in the basement. When I got discharged from the hospital, I came home to find Emma missing. Jamie fed me a cock-and-bull story on her disappearance. However, he and his friends continued to torture me. Jamie confessed to his crime under the influence of liquor. I lost my temper. I approached the local police but ended up getting arrested for prostitution. I vowed to avenge Emma’s death and punish Jamie and his friends.

I lured them into a trap by offering a night of seduction. I killed Jamie in the basement and castrated him. His friends followed suit. I butchered all of them. I sent messages to their respective families about their vacation for a couple of months. I managed to hide their bodies until they turned into skeletons. Nobody bothered to search for them in my house because I had planned their disappearance. Since I was a robotic engineer, I started creating humanoids. I created Jamie’s lookalike and also Emma because I missed her. I am not going to kill you immediately. Just wait and watch. ” She turned away from him as he watched her go upstairs.

Lester mentally cursed himself for barging into the basement without adequate backup. Sara had already started working on a new project. She made Jamie call Lucy. He spoke to her in Lester’s voice. Sara smiled at her pet robot. She returned to her lab and started working again. She instructed Jamie to keep an eye on Lester.

Fifteen days had passed since his capture. Lester used to relieve himself with the help of Jamie acting as his escort and a bodyguard. Jamie finished giving him food when Sara made her entry. Lester looked at her without giving away his emotions. She had someone hiding behind her. ” So, Lester, “she smiled, ” I hope you are comfortable. I have a special visitor for you.” She stepped away to reveal another Lester King. Lester’s eyes widened in horror. He saw the robotic Lester perfectly imitating his style and mannerisms. He made strange muffled noises to express his anger.

Sara said, “Lester, you have a week to live. Is there any last wish of yours? I am sorry I have gagged you.” She removed his gag and heard him let out expletives. She laughed at him and went away with Jamie trailing behind her. She had issued instructions to Lester, the robot, to keep him gagged. Lester’s life was in danger. He failed to understand why nobody tried to contact him. Then it dawned upon him that Sara used the robot to imitate him.

He had to find out a way to escape. Meanwhile, Sara continued her sting operation on the sexual predators. She sent her humanoid robots globally to carry out her orders.

Inspector Lucy Shawn was worried about the sudden spike in the organized murders. The cyber-crime unit reported a drastic decline in the viewership of the adult and mature content. Men were hesitating to send friendship requests to women. The dating sites lost their business.

Sara laughed heartily over the success of her extermination plan. She said, ” I guess men have learned their lessons. It serves them right for treating women as mere sexual objects.”

Would Lester survive his ordeal or perish in his attempt to escape? Watch out for the next thrilling part of the story.

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  1. Wow! It is definitely important to treat them with respect, especailly us.
    I look forwward to the next chapter. Thank’s for share, Aparna. Great story.
    Belssings and a lovely day!

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