Book review

This is a refreshing, amazing and a brilliant paranormal cozy mystery. Library witches is a unique concept and the author has done a wonderful job by creating a masterpiece like this. I thoroughly enjoyed reading all the stories. All of them are fabulous and not to be missed. It has all the essential elements for a successful great paranormal cozy mystery, like magic, spells, humor, fun, thrill, adventure and lots of twists and turns to keep the readers guessing.

Book one

Spells and Shelves

Aurora “Rory” Hawthorn works as a bookshop assistant to Abe, her father Roger’s friend. Roger had handed over the bookshop management to him. Rory happens to see her father’s old journal but is shocked to find that he had written in a code language. Suddenly, three men enter the shop stealthily and one of them threatens Rory to hand over the journal. He introduces himself as Mortimer Vale and sets a paper on fire after Rory refuses to give in to his demands. The three disappear and Rory scribbles a word ‘stop’. The flame is immediately put out but Abe fires her for the accident. When she returns to her home, the three men are present before her while she receives a mysterious call from a woman who advises her to keep running. Rory is saved by three women who are her family. These women and of course, Rory, also happen to be Biblio Witches. Their powers lie in books. She learns that the two older women are Aunt Adelaide and Aunt Candace, her father’s sisters. The young lady happens to be her cousin Estelle, Aunt Adelaide’s daughter. They take her back to the magical town of Ivory Beach. They live in a huge library with plenty of secret rooms, shifting corridors and their private residence within the library. Rory meets her second cousin Cass, who is a bit unpleasant.

Rory gets the first dosage of shock when she discovers a dead body in the Reading corner of the library. The victim holds a book in his hands and Estelle fears it might be cursed. A handsome Reaper, holding a scythe, is searching for the soul of the deceased. The victim is Duncan. Aunt Candace retrieves it carefully to place it in a quarantined room. The police chief, Edwin, an elf conducts the investigation.

Rory wants to clear her family’s name and somehow get the curse removed. During the course of her investigation, another dead body turns up. The victim is Tad, the local eccentric, with the cursed book lying half open besides him. His soul goes missing as well. Can Rory and her cousin, Estelle, find out the murderer and stop him /her before it’s too late? Read this highly thrilling adventure of Rory, the witch.

Book 2

Charms and Chapters

Rory is helping Cass to relocate her pet Kelpie , Swift, to the sea. There is a mishap and the cage opens. Swift causes huge uproar and enters Zee’s bakery to feast upon a muffin. They find Xavier, the reaper on the beach, and a body floating ashore whose soul is missing. She learns from Cass that the guy used to frequent the Reading Corner at the library with the academy students after school.

Rory finds out the victim was Andrew Lynch who was onto Vampirism. He was a member of a secret vampire club that held meetings in the library. Rory happens to meet the members of the club headed by a boy called Nick but the members aren’t really vampires. They are a bunch of teenagers is trouble who are into part-time stealing. They are planning to rob the vampires but Rory and Xavier foil their attempt to protect them from the wrath of Evangeline, the leader of the vampires.

Dominic, the vampire, is also found dead which is astonishing because they are said to have nearly immortal life . His soul was also missing. Rory discovers a message for her in his hand. What is it about? Who’s taking out the vampires and why? This is too thrilling and exciting. Rory gets bolder with each story.

Book 3

Sorcery and Stories

Rory and Estelle are out shopping for the former’s wand. It’s holiday season in Ivory Beach. Aunt Adelaide joins them but realizes that the library is left unattended in the hands of Cass who is fond of raising dangerous pets. They rush back to find Cass with a boggart. They capture him in a cage. There is a sudden onslaught of werewolves led by Captain Wayfarer. Cass informs that this werewolf is a character from Aunt Candace’s books. Rory and her family are in a strange predicament because the fictional characters from Aunt Candace’s books suddenly come alive and cause panic in the town. There is a strong curse involved. Rory and Estelle fear that Aunt Candace might be involved but when they follow her, they find that she has been following someone else. Who is this mysterious person? Can Rory catch the culprit who cursed her Aunt’s book and restore the normalcy? This book had me in splits at places. The humor content and startling revelations are plenty. I never expected it to be so thrilling. I highly recommend it for all the paranormal cozy mystery lovers.

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  1. wow! Wow! Wow! Great post! Definitely with such a wonderful review makes me want to read them. Thank you very much for share, Aparna.
    Have a lovely time dear.


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