Book review

This box set contains 3 very interesting and thrilling books that will capture your heart and your imagination. Author Morgana Best has done a wonderful job with this paranormal cozy mystery with the location set in Australia.

Book 1

Christmas Spirit

Prudence Wallflower is a clairvoyant medium who can experience the presence of the spirits of the dead and communicate with them, and pass on the message to their loved ones. It’s in the midst of her show that she is finally to able to see the spirit of Detective Levi Grimes. He asks for help to investigate the murder of Brady Wayland, an actor, who was supposed to play the lead role in a film based on the crime king, Martin Taylor. He got involved with his son, Jason Taylor and ended up dead. His death was thought initially to be a suicide.

Prudence is also shocked to know that his own partner, Detective Stanfield Kelly shot him in a sting operation against the drug dealers. She decides to look into the matter. She comes to know about his sister, Amanda Wayland. They meet and Amanda suggests that she better visit their cabin in the woods. She senses his spirit that just gives one word Cyclops as a clue.

Meanwhile, Prudence’s friends Constance, Iris and Barbara add the element of humor as they keep nagging her to get involved with a man after her divorce. The story will blow your mind away as there is a huge unexpected twist and turn. This is a fantastic, hard to put down book.

Book 2

Ghost Hunter

Lexi’s spirit makes random appearances at Prudence’s house. He surprises her with the information that he is not really dead but in a coma and in a safe house under the witness protection program. When she is getting her hair treated by David, Levi makes an appearance and tells her that one of the constables guarding his room has been murdered. He gives out the names of two cops, Constable Summers and Constable Decker.

Prudence has to find out which one of them died. She manages to find their addresses and does a stake out. She discovers that Constable Adam Deckers was the one who died. Who might have killed him? Did Kelly get the whiff of Levi being alive? It means Levi is not out of danger but Prudence must find out the location of the safe house and reach out to him before he gets killed. This is an absolute thriller that keeps you glued to your seat.

Book 3

There must be a happy medium.

Prudence is surprised to find Mary, a dingo, pet of her neighbor, Ella Cornford. She is shocked to find a woman named Sally outside Mrs. Cornford’s house. They discover the body of Mrs. Cornford. They call an ambulance. The paramedics remove the body while the deceased’s nephew enters her house.

Prudence gets a new job as a consultant with the Police. She steps into her investigation with the help of Levi and police detective Larry Brown. Her irritating friends often turn up at a time when she wants to enjoy the company of Levi. I sympathize with her but can’t help smiling. The case takes another splendid turn with a body of another old woman with the same name, Ella Cornford, dying in another incident. Are these murders inter related? This is a book not to be missed. The entire series is a perfect example of a great entertaining paranormal cozy mystery. I highly recommend it for reading.

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