Hi friends,

I have been busy traveling for the past two days. I just managed to post the first day photos. I will be presenting my special travel posts tomorrow after I reach my home in Chennai. Do visit Kerala and enjoy the hospitality of the people here.

These are seven unique types of fruits.

  1. Red Bananas are sweeter than the yellow ones and more nutritious. The redder the skin of the banana, the sweeter it is and contains more Vitamin C .
  2. Square watermelon was discovered in 1978 . Only 100 pieces of these are cultivated every year. They cost a fortune. The Japanese enjoy eating this fruit during their festival season.
  3. Hala Fruit is available only in countries like Australia and New Zealand. It tastes like a sugarcane or a mango juice and is made of several fleshy pulpy sticks bound together.
  4. Pine Berry looks like strawberry. But the difference is that the strawberry is red in color with white seeds whereas Pine Berry is white with red seeds and tastes like a pineapple which is why it is called Pine Berry. It was discovered in 2010 and is found in Virginia (USA) and Chile.
  5. Blood Lime was discovered in 2004. It is found in Australia.
  6. Buddha Shaped pears are very expensive fruits.
  7. Yellow watermelons are found in Africa and taste just like the normal watermelon.

Thank you so much for taking your precious time to visit my website. Hope you enjoyed reading my blogs. 😊😊


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