Hi Friends,

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. This is the best weekend that I ever had. This is day 2 of my holidays. I will be sharing yesterday’s travel photos shortly. Meanwhile, this is one of my poems which is my dream for an ideal vacation.

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My Heart Felt Desire

How I wish I could travel alone,
And not confined to any time zone,
Beyond the realm of worldly affairs mundane ,
Crossing the boundaries of thoughts both sane and insane.

My heart wants to go where there is only reign of peace,
Where frustrations and anxieties come to a cease,
Where I am enlightened by the Spiritual Bliss,
Of Lord Almighty and divine angels, a sight not to miss.

Where brutality and the heinous crimes,
Have been atoned by the sinners of their times,
Where there is abundant ray of hope,
To overcome hurdles and problems to cope.

Fear of death now has been vanquished,
Life is a candle meant to be extinguished,
No more hatred, no more jealousy,
No more dirty schemes of conspiracy.

Let Humanity raise its head,
And learn to respect those who are alive as well as the dead,
This is my ideal Utopian place,
May God make it real with His Grace.

Thank you so much for taking your precious time to visit my website. Hope you enjoyed reading my blogs. 😊😊


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