Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com


Beware, o naïve man, take good care,
Of your belongings, as thieves are lurking everywhere.
Jewellery, and even underwear,
Thieves are crazy and they won’t spare.
Food, utensils and even trash can,
They get away with mobiles, cars and van.
Sometimes they also indulge in violence,
Knocking a victim , off his sense.
They want to earn easy cash,
Not caring about heads they smash
Slaughtering the animals and selling their skins,
Shamelessly following the path of sins.
These outlaws are a disgrace,
In the name of entire human race.
May God make them see the light,
And realise that their future is not bright.
Remorse and shunning the path of crime,
Will be rewarded generously in due course of time.
Youth should realise the value of virtues in life,
And not resort to crime in times of strife.

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