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Good morning friends,

After enjoying a wonderful weekend, I am sure we are groaning because it’s Monday and it means going back to work. But I have decided to add a little humor to my narrative today in order to make you laugh.

I was a sweet-natured, cool-headed, shy and a demure girl until I got married. 😂😂😂

Then, I became a short-tempered highly inflammable explosive gas cylinder. ( Literally and figuratively). 😂😂. Unlike the cooking gas, I am filled with vocabulary not fit for human hearing. 😂😂. This vocabulary starts leaking whenever there is a power failure. I start with the ABC’s of name calling the guys working in the electricity department because my phone battery is low and desperately needs to be charged.

There was another time when I rushed out of the kitchen, as soon as my mobile rang. I thought it might be an important call but heard ” You can download the latest ringtones and caller tunes free if you recharge your mobile with 165₹ Airtel prepaid voucher. ” Can you imagine my blood pressure soaring high to reach the sky? Hey, it sounds like a poem, doesn’t it?

The other day, I was watching an interesting TV show with more ads than the show itself. Thanks for inserting the show within ads. Most of them are misleading and a product of Photoshop. After watching the daily TV soaps in the past, I wish there was a concept of get a new and improved brain, fully functional, with anti- TV soap protection. Our new and improved brain is highly durable and no one can chew it ( including your spouses and children). Buy one brain and get another free.

I was in the midst of making a crispy dosa when I heard a loud “Mom, come here, please,” from my dau. By the time, I found the book, my dosa was burned to a crisp. Kitchen disasters hurt me more.

I wanted to try practising yoga for reducing my weight. A couple of asans ( exercises later) I ended with a pain in my back. I took some painkillers and slept like a baby until I heard a vegetable vendor crooning in his melodious voice, ” Buy tomatoes, potatoes, and onions.”

I was reading a great mystery novel until I heard someone calling my name. I did wish whoever it was, would chant God’s name, instead of seeking me out. It was a neighbor with an empty cup asking for sugar. I imagined a cartoon strip featuring a character letting out expletives in symbols like @#- in the balloons.

But I have never crossed that stage yet. Except for the electricity failure part, most of the time I manage to remain cool. I remember the time whenever I got angry, I would write an essay about the offending person in four different languages. I would read my work and finally after I cooled down, I would make an airplane out of it and let it fly. I would play with it until it got torn. I did this as a kid at 10.

Thanks to my favorite comedy series, ‘The Kapil Sharma show,’ I am back to my old usual self and rarely lose my temper except when I see or hear the news of human rights infringement or cruelty to animals.

Have you experienced these kind of irritating situations? How do you manage to stay cool? Do share your tips and suggestions.

Thank you so much for taking your precious time to visit my website. Hope you enjoyed reading my blogs. 😊😊

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