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I hope you are having a great weekend. I am sorry I was unable to post my second short story about Lester King yesterday due to a tight schedule. Let’s get into the story right away.


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Lester King finished his lunch and left for his room. He opened the case file on the disappearance of Raghav, Dinkar, Sunny, Aman, and Matthew in 2020. Their parents had filed a police complaint reporting them missing since 13th June 2020. It spelled trouble for Jamie. Lester wished to clear Jamie of any wrongdoing. He remembered Mrs. Vinita Sharma’s version of the incidents taking place in the neighborhood. The case file dealt purely with their disappearance.

Lester called Lucy, his colleague, in London and discussed the status of his investigation. Later, he browsed the internet for more information on Sara Sylvester’s gang rape case. He was shocked to find that the accused were the same people who went missing. They had raped her repeatedly on the horrific night of 19th November 2019.

They walked out as free birds due to the lack of evidence. Lester gritted his teeth in frustration. What happened to the concept of justice? He called Inspector Ajay to discuss Sara’s case. Ajay told him in strict confidence that the defendants’ parents were influential people. They knew how to pull their strings and get their children out of a tight spot. They filed a defamation suit against Sara. She had lost all her wealth by offering compensation to the criminals who had violated her.

Lester felt sorry for her. He was so angry that he could have murdered them and made their corpses vanish. It suddenly struck him that Jamie might have the same idea. He thanked Inspector Ajay and thought of visiting Jamie in the evening. After reaching Jamie’s house at 7 PM, Lester rang the doorbell.

Sara opened the door lightly and peeped at him. “Yes? “she questioned him, “What can I do for you? ” Lester cleared his throat and responded,” Sorry, Ma’am! I forgot to introduce myself. I am Chief Inspector Lester King, Jamie’s cousin. Don’t you remember me? I spoke to you over the phone.” Sara felt annoyed at his unannounced visit. She exclaimed, ” Sorry, I am not in the habit of entertaining a stranger at home. Jamie’s still in the office. Please leave immediately.”

Lester eyed her suspiciously. He said, ” I just have a few questions for you regarding the gruesome murders of thirteen men from various parts of the world on a single day. We checked their friends’ list on Facebook and found your name. I believe you also knew Mark Staines of London. He died under mysterious circumstances. Would you let me in, please? Or would you like me to haul you to the police station? “

She reluctantly opened the door and let him in. She snapped at him,” You must be out of your mind to accuse me of the murders. For your information, I was nowhere in the vicinity of the victims. You can check the CCTV footage from the crime scenes. I have seen enough crime shows.”

Lester was amazed at her spontaneous reply. He thought of an excuse to explore the house. He asked for a glass of water. No sooner did she exit the room than Lester dashed off upstairs to check the other rooms. He found Sara’s diary in her bedroom. He pocketed it and searched the remaining two rooms. There was no sign of Emma in any room.

He dashed towards the basement. He quickly covered his nose with his handkerchief. The room had a foul smell of rotting flesh. He switched on the light bulb. He almost yelled in fright after seeing several human skeletons fully dressed. There was also a skeleton in a tiny frame. He believed he had discovered the missing people. He was about to take out his smartphone and call Inspector Ajay when he got whacked in his head. He turned to face his attacker and was shocked to find Jamie with a baseball bat in his hand. He managed to say ” Jamie “before losing his consciousness.

It was quite some time before he came around. He found himself tethered to a chair and saw Sara with a wicked smile on her lips. He blinked at her as she started speaking. She said, ” Welcome to my slaughterhouse, dear Inspector. I already gave you a chance to save yourself. You deserve a hearty congratulation for solving the complicated multiple murder cases. Unfortunately, you won’t live to tell your tale. Don’t worry. I am not going to kill you right now. Your life is very precious to me.”

Lester merely grunted due to his gag. Sara chuckled at his plight. She said, ” You are very impatient, aren’t you? Well, save the energy. I will come back later with your food. By the way, you don’t need the diary anymore. I will tell you my story before packing you to hell. Enjoy your stay. Let’s entertain you for a while. Jamie, Will you come here? Your cousin wants to see you.”

Jamie joined them and cast a look sending a chill to Lester’s spines. Sara ordered him to turn around and face Lester. Jamie’s neck turned 360Β° as Lester yowled in horror. It dawned upon him that Jamie was a robot! What happened to real Jamie? Where was he?

That’s it for now, dear friends. Watch out for more thrill and action in the upcoming episodes of Lester King’s adventures.

Thank you so much for taking your precious time to visit my website. Hope you enjoyed reading my blogs. 😊😊



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