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The Story so far:

Grace Royce accompanies her best friend and colleague, Sharmila Gupta’s wedding in Balrampur, Uttar Pradesh, India. When Sharmila shows her fiance’s photo, Grace is shocked because she has frequently seen him in her dreams forcing an innocent girl to suicide.

She saves Sharmila from marrying a criminal after nabbing him and his friends in a shameful act of trying to hang an innocent girl.

Grace has recurring dreams of Sharmila attempting suicide when the friends are holidaying in Dehradun. Her fear is about to materialize after their trip. Grace skilfully revisits the past and alters everybody’s memories to stop the wagging tongues of people from hurting Sharmila. She thwarts the attempt of a mad scientist X, in Australia, who is watching the proceedings, to kill Sharmila.

He stages small accidents which Grace is unable to prevent. Finally, he is able to cause a hit and run accident leading to Sharmila’s death. Grace is mourning the loss of her good friend while blaming herself for failing to protect her. She has a strange dream at night, where she finds herself in her bedroom in Australia. Her dead parents appear before her and they take her into the alternative future time zone, had Sharmila lived. Whatever she witnesses is awfully shocking to her.

She sees the evil side of Sharmila abusing her friendship and taking advantage of her. She is horrified to see her best friend kidnapping and sacrificing her with the help of a mysterious stranger. She comes back to her room with her parents and Sharmila’s soul pays her a visit. She explains how she was cursed by her grandma after she accidentally killed her grandfather who was bedridden with cancer. When she clarified that it was just an accident, her grandma realized her folly and offered a choice to die young before the curse could materialize or live a long cursed life. She had chosen the former. Sharmila warns her to be careful.

Grace decides to investigate Sharmila’s death and views the CCTV footage that shows the car which ran her over. She finds that it belonged to Vinod Mohan, Vivek’s ( Sharmila’s former fiance) younger brother. She approaches the police and hands them the evidence. Vinod claims of innocence and says that he had lent his vehicle to a friend who reported it missing. Grace is frustrated and prays to Sharmila for guidance.
Grace sees identical bracelets on the wrists of Vivek and Sharmila in her dreams. She requests Sharmila’s mother for the bracelet and discovers the hidden microchip which alerts X in Australia because both the bracelets were connected to his destiny machine. He orders Vivek’s death which leaves Grace completely stumped. And now.

Chapter 7

X and his evil friends were partying all night to celebrate their recent success. The next day X had a surprise visitor. It was the late Mr.Edward Fox’s son, Stewart. Edward was his former mentor. X welcomed Stewart with open arms, and they exchanged pleasantries. After a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs and bread toast, Stewart inquired about X’s love life.

Stewart probed, ” I hope your girlfriend Sharmila accepted your proposal. When are you getting married?” X replied, ” The bitch rejected me. I used my latest invention to get rid of her from this world.” Stewart looked genuinely shocked. He then lost his temper and yelled, ” What have you done? Why didn’t you consult me before taking such an extreme step? You have ruined your future with this momentary stupidity.”

X was taken aback for a moment. He asked Stewart, ” Would you care to explain how I ruined my future? ” Stewart replied, ” Do you remember showing me Sharmila’s pic? I clicked her pic on my phone to use it for an experiment. I transferred the photo into my computer and connected it with a special device that could show you someone’s past.”
X asked him, ” Is it like Tom Riddle’s diary where Harry Potter traveled into the past?”
Stewart answered, ” It is similar. However, my device would show the past as it exactly happened. I saw Sharmila’s past and became quite excited after learning that you were in love with her.”

X was quite annoyed with him. He snapped, ” Would you stop beating around the bush and come to the point? ” Stewart told him about Sharmila’s curse and how they could mint money by taking advantage of her condition. He explained that X would offer protection against Sharmila’s atrocities for an exorbitant sum of money. They would train Sharmila to unleash a reign of terror. X understood what Stewart was trying to convey. He smacked his hand against his forehead. He had been too hasty with his decision. But X’s ego prevented him from accepting his folly. He redirected his anger at Stewart. He complained, ” Why didn’t you tell me about your discovery as soon as you saw her past? I would have tried hard to woo her.” Stewart admitted his mistake and said,” I tried contacting you, but you were not reachable. I began working on a special project which took me six months to complete. I thought you might have succeeded in your mission.”

“Anyway, it’s too late,” commented X, “Sharmila’s cremation might have been over.” Stewart chuckled, ” Don’t be a pessimist. You have a destiny-changing machine, and I have a portable device that could go back into the past. You can easily bring her back using both the machines together, even if her parents scattered her ashes in the river.” X looked like he won a lottery. He decided to revive Sharmila.

Grace was preparing for her return to Australia with Sharmila’s parents. That night she had a nightmare. She dreamed that she was in a secret tunnel. There were two men operating a machine connected to the computer. One of them said, “Let’s bring back our Sharmila from the land of no return. This time she won’t refuse your proposal.” They chuckled, and the other man entered Sharmila’s photo into the computer database. Grace found herself getting dragged into the past and reaching the moment when Sharmila was about to leave for the temple. “No,” she screamed and woke up immediately. Her eyes widened in surprise and shock to find her beloved friend, Sharmila’s apparition.

” What are you doing here?” Grace asked her. Sharmila replied, ” Don’t you remember that I would always be your guardian angel? I came to warn you about an unforeseen danger lurking ahead. Your nightmare is an accurate premonition of future events. Don’t let the men succeed in their mission. It will be disastrous for the whole world. Be careful in your journey and take the microchip to Smith Turner for retrieving the information.” Grace said, “How can I avert this tragedy?”

Sharmila replied, ” Try focusing on your nightmare and note down whatever you saw in your diary. I am sure you will find the clue and act accordingly. Don’t put off your trip to Australia. Melbourne holds the key to your plan of action”.

Sharmila disappeared, leaving Grace wide awake. She glanced at the wall clock. It was 2.30 AM. She had two days left before she returned to Australia. Grace decided to focus on who killed Vivek. She summoned her witchy powers and went back into the time before Vivek’s suicide. She had already seen Vivek speaking to someone. His facial expressions had completely changed. He opened the bottle of sleeping pills and swallowed a handful. Grace snapped her fingers and went back to her room. The mysterious caller had murdered both Vivek and Sharmila. Who was he? Why did he commit the cold-blooded murders? Would the microchip reveal the identity of the killer?

Wait for the next thrilling episode of Grace and her Witchy adventures.

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