A book review

Wow. This is an amazing book and a delightful read. This book had me captivated right from the moment I opened a page and started reading it. It’s a wonderful cozy mystery full of unexpected twists and turns, humor, intrigue and a close relationship between a granddaughter and her grandma. Author Rosie A. Point has done a marvelous job.

Charlotte aka Charlie Smith is a former spy working for National Security Investigation Bureau just like her grandma Georgina Franklin. After her retirement, Georgina has settled in a small town called Gossip and owns an Inn called The Gossip Inn. Charlie works for her grandma as a maid, assistant, and a server.

The story begins with Charlie interacting with her grandma over the microphone ( a spy gadget) as the latter is visiting the opening of a new guesthouse owned by her arch rival and competitor, Jessie Belle-Blue. Lauren Harris, the chef of the Inn is complaining about the shortage of flour and sugar for her cupcakes. She witnesses an argument between Mandy Gilmore, a town gossip, and a guest at the Inn and Opal, another guest, while on her way to serve coffee. She acts as a mediator to stop the feud from escalating to the next level.

Suddenly, she receives a call from Tina Rogers, the owner of The Bread Factory, asking for help to prove her innocence as she has been falsely accused of breaking and entering and vandalism at Josie Carlson’s bakery, The Little Cake Shop. Josie is also the sister of Chef Lauren at the Gossip Inn who’s having a ghost haunting her basement. Charlie decides to help Tina and visits the Gossip Police Station where she has been held in a cell. Officer Miller takes her around to Tina’s cell but she is found dead. There’s a brownie on the floor. Charlie is stumped. Who killed Tina and why? Detective Aaron Goode interrogates her for the purpose of her visit.

One of Tina’s gloves was found in Josie’s bakery because of which she got arrested. Before her death, Tina claimed that she had been framed for a crime she never committed. Charlie’s investigations reveal that three people visited her before her death, Josie Carlson, Mandy Gilmore, and Bridget Willows. Charlie questions Josie who is pretty secretive and tight-lipped.

Charlie is frustrated because of the lack of evidence. Who among these three suspects killed her? There are startling revelations and plenty of twists and turns. Be prepared for a shocker. Just when you believe you have nailed the killer, there is a surprise in store for you. To make it even more interesting, there is another small mystery within this cozy mystery .

I highly recommend it for all the cozy mystery lovers.

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