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There are some unfortunate incidents that occurred in my neighborhood which made me wonder if these people were born without a heart. How cruel people can be! How can they kill innocent animals to take revenge? Yes, this is exactly what happened.

This incident took place around 6 years ago. We had two cute adorable stray she-dogs ( I know the appropriate term is a bitch but I find it a bit offensive. So I called them she-dogs). One of them is brown and I call her Amalu. The other one was white and had a short stub for a tail. We used to call her (Mottaival in Tamil) Stubby. Stubby was much more disciplined than the human residents here. She wouldn’t come unless I called her for the doggy treats.

My husband and I loved her. Unfortunately, one day, it happened to attack the chicken of one of our neighbors. The evil scumbag poured half a bucket of a hot, scalding water on her. She limped and visited us for the final time before she succumbed to her injuries. I cried a lot that day.

The cute puppy of Amalu . We called him Amal.

This cute puppy also died a couple of years ago to human cruelty. Someone gave him food laced with poison. It was simply because it was too enthusiastic, it would follow vehicles and bark at people.

I want to ask these cold-blooded creatures if they would kill their own children simply because they are mischievous and play pranks. I wish people could understand that every life is precious. These are the people who are a blot on humanity.

I pray to God to bless them with a heart that loves and shows sympathy towards others.

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8 thoughts on “MONDAY BLUES (4)

  1. People can be heartless sometimes. Growing up, someone did the same thing to our dog. We had several fruit trees in our backyard, which was fenced in. Our dog was a great guard dog. We think someone was swiping the apples, plums, and pears because we found several scattered across the yard when we found the body of our dog. Cruelty, whether against animals or a human being is unacceptable. So sorry this happened to your beloved pet! πŸ˜₯πŸ•πŸ™

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